Poetry – The Ordinary is Extraordinary

The Ordinary is Extraordinary


The ordinary

Is extraordinary

When new;

Before the wonder

Has been stolen

By familiarity.


Opher – 2.2.2020

2 thoughts on “Poetry – The Ordinary is Extraordinary

  1. That is the six-million dollar question Opher, does familiarity breed contempt? I don’t think it does in all scenarios especially where passionate interest and fascination is the driving factor.

    But equally, I know few people who leave their front door of a morning and spend a moment or two with eyes to the sky marvelling at the picture Nature has painted above.


    1. I know Dewin – I think it is terrible the way we take things for granted though – as if it will always be here. We are destroying nature bit by bit and yet we are surrounded by wonders. As you say – we just need to look around us.

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