Poetry – Our Light – an ode to the sun.

Poetry – Our Light – an ode to the sun.

Our Light


I wanted to produce a poem for our sun – sol – the giver of life.

It was marvelled at by the ancients and worshipped as a god. For they recognised that all the light and heat it gave was all that sustained us. As they saw it slowly rise, crawl across the sky and sink they sank to their knees and gave thanks. For we have need to produce ritual and seek answers. Our imagination is mighty.

Within its heart it fuses simple hydrogen and helium to create the full range of elements. It spews forth the complex atoms from which we are formed. Our carbon and oxygen were forged within that cauldron of unimaginable heat and pressure.

The planet we stand on is of its essence.

It pours forth light, heat and matter in a constant storm as we live within its atmosphere. It will do so for billions of years – as if an eternity. Then it will turn destroyer and expand to wrap us in its fiery cape and dissolve every artefact of our existence.

Once more we will rest within its mantle.

It is only a small star –

Nothing more. 


Our Light 

It glows,

Incandescent in the night,

Fusing elements

To create worlds.


It radiates

Without pause or thought

As it gives

Of all it has.



From afar in wonder

As it appears

To traverse the sky.



With an atmosphere

Of molten

Plasma fury.


It gives life

Without knowing

As it sacrifices

Itself eternally.


Opher 30.5.2016

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