So what has the EU ever done for us?

So what has the EU ever done for us?

So what has the EU ever done from us – apart from a bureaucratic system, mass immigration and costing us money?

Well –

  • It has brought peace for the longest period of time in European history – that was why it was set up in the first place
  • It has created a forum for dialogue between European countries that cannot be underestimated
  • It has provided international legislation and enforcement of environmental issues that has stopped pollution and produced countless conservation schemes
  • It has created a multinational Human Rights that protects the rights of all people living in the EU and sets an example to the rest of the world
  • It has brought in legislation to protect the rights of workers and their health and safety
  • It has enabled free trade that has improved the British economy. It enables trade without restraint, tariffs or visas.
  • It has brought in regeneration programmes that have transformed inner city areas such as Liverpool, Newcastle and countless others
  • It subsidises areas with great poverty or who are in need – Scotland receives a lot of money as does Wales, Ireland and parts of England
  • It has financed scientific research and enabled projects (such as CERN) that no one nation could have managed – space projects, University research, international cooperation
  • It has instituted conservation projects and protected nature in large projects throughout Europe
  • It subsidises agriculture and practices that protect nature
  • It has enabled Britain to operate as a gateway into Europe. Many firms, such as the car industry, Siemens alternative energy, Banking and Finance and many manufacturing companies set up production and headquarters in London and Britain to service the continent. This has greatly contributed to our wealth.
  • It has provided a source of labour and brains that has kept our science at the top, brought in consultants and specialists, doctors, nurses, teachers, skilled individuals, builders, field workers, care home workers etc. who have provided services and kept our economy going.
  • It has financed joint ventures that would be too risky or expensive for any one nation to attempt (eg. aviation)
  • It has enabled our students to go to any EU country to study and broaden their horizons and students to study here and set up crucial links. We are attracting brains.
  • It enables me to travel to Europe with needing visas or passport control.
  • It enables cooperation between EU countries to coordinate intelligence, operations against terrorism and crime.
  • It provides a powerful bloc for negotiating deals with the resat of the world.
  • It provides a stronger, unified voice in the world that carries the weight of the combined population and economies.

I would not underestimate the huge contribution the EU has made. Of course, you can believe all the lies, exaggerations and fabricated stories put out in our incredibly biased media. The picture they paint is simply not true.

Do we get value for money? I think so. I reckon the benefit to the economy far outstrips what we put in.

Are there problems? Too true – the bureaucracy, costs and corruption, unelected bodies, negative effects of mass migration, freedom of movement of criminals and terrorists, and the difference between the members with weaker economies and those with stronger are all problems.

Could they have been addressed without Brexit? A resounding yes.

It is not beyond wit to modify the system to deal with corruption, bureaucracy and unelected people. (Not that our politics doesn’t suffer from all of these problems).

There needs to be checks put on migration.

In time the weaker countries will come up to the level of the stronger.

Imagine the United States with borders between States, visas, tariffs, and restrictions. What a nightmare. That is what we will be doing.

But we are out. That is it.

The challenge now is to ensure the government keeps the cooperation, the outward looking stance, the environmental, science and conservation work, the human and workers rights, the free trade without tariffs and the skilled workers we so desperately need – to maintain public services with a poorer economy.

If we are not a gateway to Europe and all those firms and headquarters creep away to Berlin, Paris and the rest, we will be screwed. We have to keep them here. That means a free trade agreement and that means free movement. If we close our borders our economy will dive.

That is the battle.

Do we want a soft or hard Brexit? Who is making the decision?  – An unelected right-wing government.

The pressure from Big Business is to exploit people for more profits. The pressure from little Englanders is to go all patriotic and nationalistic.

The people who will inevitably suffer will be the poor, the disabled, elderly and public servants. I guarantee that the ones at the top will still get their bonuses!

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