Good and Bad news from the Conservation front.

8 thoughts on “Good and Bad news from the Conservation front.

    1. There is tragedy going on all around us. It feels like we are fighting a rearguard defence that is bound to fail. We just have to keep fighting.

      1. As I grow older I can’t bear it anymore it’s too much! because you are life Journeys raising kids falling in and out of love watching our loved ones die Etc. We’re losing precious animals people are taking lives it just keeps coming at us and it’s too much it has to stop! we’re supposed to take care of each other not ridicule and judge and killing all those things that we have the ability to stop it all!! Even if it’s in our Primal DNA we are smart enough to know know that hurting is not the way! There are so many things to be ashamed of! It is long overdue for a new way of living and acceptance of what we’ve never tolerated and that is Harmony and peace and quiet in our souls. ☀️ I appreciate your writing, very much, as well as many others will try to make a difference. And show the blunt of our actions!

      2. Thanks Myth. Yes it really upsets me too. I have to keep telling myself that we are getting better. We are. There are just these relapses we have to deal with. The solution lies with the kids. They are great. Good education is the answer.

      3. Opher you are right …it lies with the kids! They ARE great! Many of your posts Open Spaces in my heart of frustration because adults need to be better examples. It has become a no-holds bar to anything that comes out of our mouths ‘publicly’. I don’t mean to get off topic here, but this is a perfect example of how your posts are so good that they lead to so many amazing Conversation Pieces. Your post that I read yesterday just grabbed my heart! There are so many atrocities in our world! It is heartbreaking! and then I feel guilty because I have found peace and calmness in my little piece of the world. Something I wish for every human being on this planet. life is so beautiful and no one should have to miss out on that! No one! But many do, many are forced to. But in the meantime those of us who are able to, we must do the best we can to make a difference, to be an example by showing that hurdles can be jumped! And wear our shame in front of it all! Stand out in the writing world Opher and leave your mark!! It is a bright sunny morning here this brisk January morn, and I love to be outdoors I go >>>>Have a Great New Year!☀️😀 Embrace all things you love!! Fill your heart to the brim of the purpose of living!!☀️🙌

      4. You know Myth I was having a fiery conversation with a bunch of friends at a meal before Christmas. One was arguing that you had to live a spiritual life and project love and peace and not involve yourself in what was happening. His argument was that there was nothing you could do about it so let it be. It only made you angry and frustrated. I could understand that. But I can’t do that. When I look around at all the horrendous things going on – the wars, gangs, environmental destruction, cruelty, misogyny, wars and violence – I feel I’ve got to get involved. I have to write about it – make some sort of protest even if it is pathetic.
        I believe we build a zeitgeist. If enough of us care and make our voices heard then it effects others. The ripples spread out and molecule by molecule we change the world – at least we don’t allow the bastards a clear run!

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