Newsflash – Latest Sci-fi novel ‘Neanderthal’ now available!!

Available in paperback and digital.

Opher's World

As part of my prestigious Ron Forsythe Science Fiction novel collection I have just released Neanderthal!

It is available in both paperback and digital from Amazon!

This tells the story of an alien encounter like no other!

In the USA:

In the UK:

In India:

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2 thoughts on “Newsflash – Latest Sci-fi novel ‘Neanderthal’ now available!!

  1. (Sorry, I’m late to this party as usual Opher, but in fairness I had to work today.)

    Pleased as punch to hear this unique sci-fi has hit the book shelves on Amazon! I know you burnt the midnight oil getting this written and edited in double-quick time but it was (it is!) well worth the effort! ‘Tis a cracking little story overflowing with big ideas that foreground passionate sense and undeniable reason over mindlessness and wilful destruction of our world for profit. It is a must-read for every Forsythe fan 😉

    Good luck with the title. Congrats as always in getting it to market.

    Happy NY 2020!


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