Pete Smith’s cartoon of genius on education

I just love these pen and ink drawings.

Opher's World

I used this one on the front cover of some of the documents at school that I prepared for our Ofsted Inspection. It summed up the philosophy of education that I was railing against.

P1120115 (2)

Pete and I had been put through an education system that we felt was a cram system. We were given ‘facts’ to learn and regurgitate for exams.

We both felt that education should be mind-expanding, investigating, exploring, fun and exhilarating. Children needed to be inspired and empowered. Teaching should develop creativity, lateral thinking and questioning.

No new discoveries ever come from mindless regurgitation of ‘facts’.

Pete and I felt that too many teachers presided over a sausage factory churning out mindless drones all knocked into shape by the system.

Tragically, after a period of freedom and wonder in education under Labour, we were back to the 1950s with a vengeance under the dreadful mindlessness of Gove…

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