Politics – always the lesser of two evils!

Politics – always the lesser of two evils!

Politics for me should be about making the world a fairer, equal, more just, tolerant and happy place.

I want a political party that looks to bring harmony, peace and a more global perspective.

I want an end to war, conflict, poverty, pollution, overpopulation and environmental destruction on a global scale.

I want a party that wants to create a fairer distribution of wealth.

It is my contention that a lot of the world’s problems and the country’s problems are due to great inequality. A tiny elite own far too big a slice of the cake and control the political parties in order to maintain the status quo. People are deliberately kept in poverty and destitution. It does not have to be that way.

In recent times the super-rich have creamed off an even bigger slice and the bottom rung have even less. I do not think it is right that some people are wondering what to invest their next billion in (perhaps a football team? A yacht or a pent-house?) while millions are dying of starvation.

I do not believe we can tackle deforestation, multinationals, tax avoidance, corruption, pollution, crime, war, religious fanaticism or environmental degradation without globally enforced laws and a more equal distribution of wealth.

I want a party that will seek to implement world government and the United Nation charter of Human Rights for all citizens of the world. But that’s pie in the sky.

So what does that make me? A Communist? Socialist? I do not know or care. I am affiliated to no party.

What I do know is that our politicians are all part of the establishment. They have an interest in maintaining the status quo. They think in terms of only our country and how to get re-elected. They think they deserve to be rewarded highly and are better than the people they represent.

I want a bigger vision.

In reality I am presented with two choices. The next Prime Minister will either be Milliband or Cameron.

The Tories represent the Establishment. They are the party of the rich and elite, Public School educated and serving the establishment. Hence we have seen in these times of austerity, with reductions in standard of living for ordinary people, welfare cuts and cuts to public services, the bonuses for bosses increase and the Tories introducing tax cuts for the rich. The top end has got richer while the rest of us have got poorer. It makes a mockery of ‘We’re all in it together’. It also has not paid off the huge national debt as promised. That money has gone into the pockets of the rich.

The Labour Party came out of the Trade Union Movement. Their brief was to represent the working man and ensure that he got fair pay, better conditions and better treated. Hence we saw the Health Service, regulation of factories, health and safety, and a rise in standards for ordinary people. Unfortunately the Labour Party then lost its zeal and became part of the Establishment. It’s MPs wanted the money and privilege. They too started looking to support Big Business. It was seen as pragmatic. If you did not give a good deal to the rich they would take their business elsewhere. Nowadays the Labour Party, with its share of Public School Boys, is almost indistinguishable from the Tories; only marginally better. Blaire adopted a lot of Thatcher’s policies.

As for the Liberals, who don’t know who they are and blow with the wind, and UKIP who would align themselves with the National Front on many issues and don’t have coherent policies on anything, or the Greens who are too small, there is no-one who is worth supporting.

My heart says Green is the best of a bad deal. My head says Labour. At least they are marginally better than the vicious ideologically driven Tories and their uncaring dogma. The nasty party with the arrogant Cameron leer make me cringe.

In reality there is no party that reflect my views. I am disenfranchised.

6 thoughts on “Politics – always the lesser of two evils!

  1. Yours is a noble vision, Opher. Democracy in all of the developed countries is in serious trouble. Here in Canada, I’m a Liberal Party supporter despite the fact that they often kow-tow to the 1% who control everything. Your insights about your Labour Party in the UK are valid and I hesitate to lend my support to our labour version – the New Democratic Party or NDP. Democracy must be returned to the hands of the voters. That means that big price tag campaigns are banned so that capable people who won’t be beholden to the 1% for donations can be elected to do what is right for our countries and our world. I was sickened watching CNN this morning when a Democratic adviser to various presidents cited the most important credentials for presidential candidates as: 1) electability, and 2) ability to raise large donations. The scariest part about this political mess in all of our countries is the large number of voters who have given up on the system and don’t bother to vote anymore. Hitler was elected in one of the country’s lowest voter turnouts.

    1. Hi John – seasonal greetings to you and your family! I agree with you. It is frightening how the elite run the show. Somehow there must be a way to keep money out of the process! I’m all in favour of a severely restricted budget.

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