Quote Number 2 – Roy Harper – I Hate the Whiteman

Quote Number 2 – Roy Harper – I Hate the Whiteman


My second quote is from Roy Harper – from the poem/song I hate the whiteman.

It is not a song about racism or against white people per se. It is not about colour at all. It is about the mentality of European culture that has swept over the world and is presently swamping nature and all other cultures.

It is a poem rejecting the greed and power seeking and violence of western culture. Its alcohol, nuclear bombs and environmental destruction in the name of progress.

It is a poem that rejects those values in favour of a life-style that is in harmony with the planet.

It is focussed on the life-style of the North American Indians who suffered genocide from the European invaders.

‘Far across the ocean
In the land of look and see
There once was a time
For you and me

Where the winds blow sweetly
And the easy seas flow still
And where the barefoot dream of life
Can laugh and cry it’s fill

Where slot machine confusion
And the plastic universe
Are objects of amusement
In the fiction of their curse

And where the crazy whiteman
And his teargas happiness
Lies dead and long since buried
By his own fantastic mess

For I hate the whiteman
And his plastic excuse
For I hate the whiteman
And the man who turned him loose…’

It’s a long quote but one of my favourites. Roy was, and is, one angry mother. He thought there was a better way to live – so do I.

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