A writer on writing – the downside.

A writer on writing – the downside.


I enjoy writing. I find it a pleasurable experience. But it has many downsides:

  • It takes a long time – my first book took over two thousand hours of working and reworking (and was still crap)
  • It is antisocial. Writing is a solitary occupation that requires focus. It is a problem for relationships, friends and a social life.
  • It gets in the way of doing things. If I have a compulsion to write something it fills my head until I have written it down. Nothing else matters.
  • It can upset people. My life, friends and people that I have met become included in my writing. Some will not like the way they are portrayed.
  • You can become very obsessed and boring!

so it is probably not a good obsession to be saddled with!

These are my six books of poetry. They are available as paperback or on Kindle from Amazon – all for under £5 for a paperback. You could buy the whole lot for just £27.62!!

They are not conventional poetry books. They are like you find on my blog with a page of explanatory prose followed by the poem. The prose is as important as the poem to me.


Codas, Cadence and Clues – £4.97


Stanzas and Stances – £5.59


Poems and Peons – £4.33


Rhymes and Reasons – £3.98


Prose, Cons and Poetry – £4.60


Vice and Verse – £4.15




Science Fiction books:


Ebola in the Garden of Eden – paperback £6.95 Kindle £2.56 (or free on unlimited)




Green – paperback £9.98 Kindle £2.56 (or free on unlimited)




Rock Music books


In Search of Captain Beefheart – paperback £6.91 Kindle £1.99 (or free on unlimited)





Other selected books and novels:


Anecdotes-Weird-Science-Writing-Ramblings – a book of anecdotes mainly from the sixties and other writing.




More Anecdotes – following the immense popularity of the first volume I produced a second




Goofin’ with the cosmic freaks – a kind of On the Road for the sixties



The book of Ginny – a novel



In Britain :



In America:


In all other countries around the world check out your regional Amazon site and Opher Goodwin books.

2 thoughts on “A writer on writing – the downside.

  1. No offense meant, opher, but this constitutes “kvetching.” You are a talented writer, and it does, like all other artistry, take some sacrifice. Using another word: nechevo. Loosely, as you may know: can’t be helped. The cow dies, potatoes rot, writing is a solitary activity…. Carry on, mate!!

    1. Never heard of the term ‘kvetching’ before Jeff. But yes – I’m more than happy to accept the sacrifices. The rewards are worth it. I find writing fulfilling! It is an obsession.

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