Sort the Philosophy of Politics first!

I would suggest that it is more important to sort the philosophy of the country first and then decide which political party is most likely to deliver that philosophy.

I want to live in a society with less inequality, no poverty, great public services and infrastructure and a sound environmental set of policies.

Out of the choice between the two contenders only one comes close.

The Tories actually stand opposed to all the things I hold dear. They represent an elite. They put profit before people. They foster poverty and inequality. They cut environmental issues in order to increase profit.

The Labour Party hit every one of the buttons.

Start from there.

From my stand point it is a question of morality. The elitist profiteers, represented by the Tory Party,  are immoral. Their policies kill, impoverish and cause great environmental damage.

Fuck the economics. It’s a con trick.

The problem for any socialist government is the propaganda machine put in by the establishment (who are terrified that their elitist racket is going to be halted) and the capitalist machinations to destabilise them economically.

That is the root of the issue.

What the socialists have to do is to find a way to deal with the relentless right-wing vitriolic propaganda spewing from the entire media machine (owned and run by the wealthy establishment) so that they can become elected.

The socialists then have to deal with the capitalists who use their wealth to ruin the economy and destabilise so that they can say to the electorate that socialism does not work.

Personally I would much prefer to live in a poorer country where the money was more fairly distributed and the priority was great public services and infrastructure as well as environmental policies that deal with the massive problems of species extinction and global warming.

The economy and profit for the wealthy are not the most important issues.

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