I’ve voted!!! I voted to end this Tory inequality!!! I’M SICK OF TORY LIES!!!

I’m fed up with the poor being hammered while the rich are made into billionaires.

I’m sick of the public services being robbed and ruined.

I’m sick of profiteers making huge profits out of every utility.

I’m sick of creeping privatisation putting our money in rich peoples’ pockets.

I’m sick of living in a country with such huge inequality.

I’m fed up with the tabloid press poison.

I’m sick of a hard  Brexit that will make us all poorer and less powerful!!!

I’m sick of child poverty, homelessness, food banks and billionaires.

I’m sick of an ailing NHS,  schools that are ruined, crime rates soaring, pensions being robbed, zero hours contracts and in-work poverty, of knife gangs,  overcrowded prisons, a justice system that only works for the rich,  of begging on the streets, no youth services, no libraries, pot-holes and soldiers being dumped on the streets.

I’m sick of Tory lies!!!


I want to live in a compassionate society that cares about people!!!!

I’m fed up with LIES LIES LIES!!!

I want fairness and justice!!

I voted to get the bastards out!!

You know what??? Voting does make a huge difference!!!

8 thoughts on “I’ve voted!!! I voted to end this Tory inequality!!! I’M SICK OF TORY LIES!!!

  1. Ah, it’s not much different in the States. Anyone the least bit sane has become exhausted by the daily stream of orange-faced lies, all told with a “You people are soooo stupid” smirk. After driving through fly over America, full of people unhappy because “No one listens to us.” They all fail to realize why. They’ve nothing of substance to say save tropes like “Those awful brown people.” Why would anyone listen to their crap. When it counted they were silent. And no, are if those same people are strung out on drugs, I just don’t care. Sell your children for some smack, the Orange Don ain’t gonna feed your habit. Bah!

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