Writing is about teamwork

Writing is about teamwork


There are so many skills involved in writing a book. It is rare that any one person has the full skill set. Just think what is involved:

  • To have the ideas and enthusiasm
  • To organise them into a readable ‘story’
  • To create the structure for the book
  • To create characters, pace and ending
  • To have the punctuation right
  • To have the grammar right
  • To have the tenacity to plug away to the end and finish it when all the energy and enthusiasm has long gone
  • To edit the completed story
  • To design the cover
  • To write the blurb
  • To market and sell your completed book

That is why it takes teamwork. To receive encouragement when the going gets tough; to have people feeding you ideas on how to develop a section further and make it better, to have readers who point out what works and what doesn’t; to have editors who pick up the spellos and grammar; to have designers to make it look better; to have a blurb writer who creates a succinct enticing piece that makes people want to read more.

No writer can do all that themselves. They are too subjective with their own work. They depend on constructive help from others to provide the objectivity.

If the team is good what comes out at the end is worthwhile. It takes a team to write a book.

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