Poetry – The Russians are coming!

The Russians are coming!


The Russians are coming!

The report’s on Johnson’s desk.

He’s keeping it secret

Because it’s such a mess.


It lists the Tory donors!

It’s the Russians bankrolling them.

And they created Brexit

And covered us all in phlegm.


Yes the Russians are coming!

They are buying this election too!

They put Trump in power

They’re covering us in poo!


Opher – 8.12.2019



One wonders why this report was not released. How big has the Russian interference been in all these important elections? Trump and Brexit? Maybe neither would have happened without Russian interference.

Serious stuff.

They want us weakened.

They want the break-up of the EU, UN and NATO. They want us in disarray.

And they are achieving it.

Who would have believed they could have landed us with Trump and Johnson!



4 thoughts on “Poetry – The Russians are coming!

  1. Ah, it’s Tubularsock. The Tubster, a bright light from WB now gone, but here. Amazing. The Russians ARE coming. Look at Vlad breathing hard. 🙂 “EEEEmeargency, eeemeargency, get off unto the street!!”

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