Poetry – Atoms and Energy – A poem about the inquisitiveness of man

Poetry – Atoms and Energy – A poem about the inquisitiveness of man

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Atoms and Energy


The greatest thing about the apes we call humans is our inquisitiveness. That is what makes us so successful. We have to know how everything works.

Questioning is the way to be.

Once you accept anything as the truth you are dead.

It is miraculous that in the space of a couple of hundred years we have travelled from a primitive life-style with candles and horses to the wonders of atomic energy, space travel and mobile phones.

What clever apes we are.

Perhaps too clever for our own good.

The jump has been so quick that many of us cannot cope. We still think with primitive minds, tribally and with vicious cruelty. We’ve got a way to go in order to catch up with our technology.

There are even whole countries of people trapped in the pre-science days of superstition.

Let’s hope that we can peer into those areas of ignorance, tinker and understand, and use science to solve all the problems we are creating by suffocating nature through sheer weight of numbers.

This is a simple little ditty.



Atoms and Energy


Atoms and energy

The power of the mind,

Staring into Black Holes

To see what we can find.


Electricity and patterns

Recording all we see;

Delving into mysteries

With wonder, awe and glee.


All for the sake of knowing

How the wonder works –

Electron and quasar,

Supernova and quarks.


Opher 22.5.2016



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