Poetry – There was a boy – a poem about terrorism

Poetry – There was a boy – a poem about terrorism


There was a boy

The news was reporting that Boko Haram were using young boys and girls as suicide bombers.

Like paedophiles they groom their innocent children victims, feeding them lies.

They point to the people who they claim are evil. These people believe differently. They are heretics, apostates and loathed by god. They are thoroughly loathsome. The Koran states that the unbelievers should be killed.

Allah demands that they should be punished for their crimes of belief.

They were required to do Allah’s will.

They would open their eyes in paradise.

They are not trusted with the button.

The man in the shadows presses the button, watches the outcome, and smiles as the nails and bolts fly among the organs, tissues and limbs.

There was a boy

There was a young boy

With a bomb

Strapped to his chest.


In the shadows

Stands a man

With a button.


All because of what

Is believed

And why?


They are waiting

For the innocents

To gather.


Hate and lies


And fury.


All in the pressing of a button.


Opher 14.4.2016

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