Quantum Fever – my new Sci-fi novel – nears completion.

This morning I completed the 7th rewrite of Quantum Fever – my latest Sci-fi novel.

This afternoon I have spent producing the cover.


Sorry it is so small – best I can do at present. Do you like it?

I am putting my best Sci-fi out under the pen name Ron Forsythe!

I will give it one more read through, have a chat with my editor friend and hopefully unleash it soon!

14 thoughts on “Quantum Fever – my new Sci-fi novel – nears completion.

  1. Hey Opher – I’d not anticipated you revealing the cover so quickly, but I guess you’d built up a head-of-steam and decided to press on to the end. Again, well done! Another tome to add to the lengthening list.

    Not to detract from your achievement, the image provided is a little small, and even with the best will in the world I can’t read the back-cover blurb. However, the book wears its wrap-around cover well: silver and black offer a striking combo of colours, and the inclusion of an author’s photo is a nice-touch lending it an air of seriousness. I’m unsure of what the image is actually of on the cover; is it terrafirma or off-world planet surface (or neither – a quarry perhaps?) but no doubt it relates to the sci-fi story. It is certainly eye-catching.

    When finally the beast is unleashed, perhaps you’ll include the blurb in your blog-post?

    Congrats again! Nicely done.


    1. I have completely put the book together (QF) but it awaits a final read and a talk through with my editor friend next week.
      Apologies for the smallness of the image. It is all I can get at this minute. When I release it I will be able to gain a bigger image.
      I will put out the blurb tomorrow. I would appreciate your comments as I can adjust it.
      The photo is of the moon. I is relevant to the story and hopefully creates a professional cover of a Sci-fi nature!
      For the next week or so I’m turning my attention back to Neanderthal. But I am also plotting a sequel to QF.
      The fun continues. Cough and cold now largely gone!

      1. I’ll look forward to you putting-out the blurb tomorrow Opher.

        I wondered if it might be an image of the Moon. The cover exudes professionalism: it is quite striking.

        Neanderthal shouldn’t take you too long to finalise: as I recall you mentioned edits rather than rewrites?

        Good to hear you are in fine fettle and refreshed ready to hit the ground running with the QF sequel! Press-on whilst the writing iron is still hot 😉


      2. Thanks for your opinion Dewin. Much valued.
        I’m hoping Neanderthal will not take too much editing. But when I get into it I might find the need to rewrite sections. Objectivity brings a fresh eye.
        The blurb will be with you tomorrow!!

      3. You’re welcome Opher.

        ‘Objectivity brings a fresh eye.’ – indeed it does…(in) sometimes being close to the writing the thickness of the forest is indiscernible due to the width of the trees. Good luck getting it done.

        Until tomorrow….


      4. I’m more open-minded to alternative formats and further possibilities than I was Opher: narrative rhyming verse has a shelf-life, but may be a useful tool – like a set of working notes – in planning for something different. Presently I have three, possibly four, unfinished poems and should either conclude them or otherwise delay there completion. I’m undecided at the moment what is best. At least two of those poems could be transitioned into prose. I’m not in any rush to decide.


      5. I would be interested to read your stories transformed to prose. Not that the rhyming poems are not valid. They are just different.
        I’d finish them! Press on!

      6. Thank you Opher. Transitioning to other formats remains an internal debate I have with myself, but I am leaning towards change.

        Of course you’d finish them and probably within a week including the edits! 😀


    1. A fascinating article Dewin – very timely. I’m not sure I agree with its premise of inbreeding. Hybrid vigour is always good but I believe there were enough to promote enough vigour in the population.
      Strange things about hybrid vigour – it seems from DNA evidence that all North and South American natives are descendants of just 26 adults – a doughty band who came across the Bering Straits.

      1. Hey Opher – It seems new information, and renewed speculation, about our ancient past is constantly being revealed. Only time will tell if acceptance of these discoveries leads to concretisation in our history books.

        If nothing else, the content of the article might add another layer of intrigue to your book.

        Ancestry is a fascinating subject. Would it were we could all trace our individual DNA history back to its fundamental origins. I wonder what it would reveal?

        Ciao for now,


      2. It always fascinates me Dewin. I wrote that novel Conexion about a drug that unlocks racial memory in DNA. I don’t think there’s any scientific basis to that though.

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