A manifesto I can vote for!!

What I want from a political party is:

  1. Spending on public services – Schools, NHS, Police, Youth Services, Libraries, Armed Forces, Councils.
  2. Protection of the Environment – alternative energy, insulating homes, protecting wildlife, working for Nature across the globe
  3. Workers rights. A fair wage for a fair day’s work.
  4. Addressing gross inequality. Pay and bonuses at the top have become obscene. Those at the bottom have been screwed.
  5. Brexit addressed. I want to Remain but if we have to go I want a soft Brexit and remain inside the Customs Union so we do not devastate our economy which would rebound on the poor.
  6. The weakest in our society protecting – no more homelessness and food banks!
  7. Funding of the arts.

Here’s a manifesto that does all of that!!

It’s time for real change – Labour Party manifesto 2019

After ten years of Tory cuts, austerity, giving to the rich and breaking promises I want something better!!

I want rid of these lying, deceitful Tories!

I’m not fooled by their bribes and promises. I know exactly what they are! They represent the elite who are busy raking it in!!


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