Blogging – why bother? What is it all about?

Blogging – why bother? What is it all about?


I was quite taken with the article on blogging that a reblogged earlier today because it contained a truth. It was a truth that was much deeper than it first appeared. The blog was humorous and yet it revealed a basic inescapable fact:- most people do not like to be made to think; they do not like depth; they like trivia.

I had been blogging for nearly a year when I read a post from a fellow blogger. He was a young lad, still living at home, who was thanking his followers. He had been blogging for a year and had amassed 50,000 followers. Now, as I had been blogging for nearly as long and had gained 547 people who found my writing of some remote interest, I thought I’d have a look at what this guy was doing that was making him so incredibly successful. His blog was unceasing trivia. It was just as described in that earlier post I reblogged – his blog was about what he was wearing, what he’d eaten, where he was hanging out, what he was watching on TV, what music he was listening to. It wasn’t as if he was doing anything, or any of it was interesting. It was ordinary and mundane. Yet 50,000 people found it essential viewing.

I went back and looked at my ranting, raving, social comment, ecological despair, diatribes, and general pieces of Rock commentary, poetry, my books, photos and religious antitheism and could see exactly why I only had 547 people who were interested. I was probably pissing off anyone who was interested in one aspect with what I was writing about with the others.

No matter.

I was told that if you want to keep your followers you don’t do politics and religion.

Well who cares?

I couldn’t do it any other way. What you get is the unadulterated honesty of Opher.

Why else would anybody want to blog?

This blog is a sharing of the mind. This is who I am. I’m not interested in trivia. There’s no time to do trivia (incidentally I had porridge for breakfast!)!

My 547 followers  have become 4765. That seems a lot. Though I know most of that 4765 don’t really give a hoot, I’m not sure that matters. Even if I’m only talking to a few people out there. Thanks for sharing with me. I value our time. I love hearing from you and the ‘likes’ give me encouragement. We may be a small band but we share things on a different level.

Thank you – both of you!

2 thoughts on “Blogging – why bother? What is it all about?

  1. You raise some good points here, Opher. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the suggestion to stay away from religion and politics when blogging. As you know, I don’t go out of my way to post about those two topics, yet I might make comments about them if they naturally arise from my chosen blog topic. People will follow you if they like your posts and will be moved to comment. Most who follow do not visit subsequently or just “like” your posts.

    I think the interaction between readers and the author of a blog is healthy and informative. I always learn new things or new ways to look at a subject from these interactions. Sometimes people get heated and forget their manners, or you attract trolls who have nothing better to do than find fault and ridicule others.

    Ultimately, if one decides to blog, one should pick topics that they care about. As the author, please yourself and don’t worry about the rest. Thanks for starting the discussion about this issue, Opher.

    1. Cheers John – always good to hear from you. I hope your books are doing well!
      My policy on blogging is to speak my mind (even if it attracts trolls). What is the point of having a blog otherwise?
      What I have noticed though is that it rarely results in good debate and that most people prefer posts that are not contentious. So be it.

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