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When are we going to get sensible answers? A second referendum!


I just wish people were not so goddam stupid. They do not seem to realise what is going on at all.

An extreme right-wing element forced Cameron (stupidly) to call a referendum which they narrowly won through a campaign of LIES LIES LIES.

This extreme group has tried to foist a hard Brexit on Britain for their own narrow benefit. (Some stand to make millions out of this – including people like Rees-Mogg).

The majority of MPs know that leaving without a deal will be extremely damaging for the country (about 10% of GDP – worse than the crash which resulted in a decade of austerity) and will hit the poorest most.

This extreme group has tried to foist a hard deal on Britain. A deal that breaks us away economically from our neighbours and cosies us up to the USA.  This would still hit the UK hard (about 5% of GDP) and hit the poorest communities. It would open Britain up to predatory US companies. The NHS will be the first to be gobbled up.

MPs have been standing up for their constituents (and being vilified in the process). They do not want to see the jobs go and everyone made a lot poorer. They do not want to see Trump leading a charge to bleed us dry and take over the NHS. They do not want to see the poor being sacrificed so that the wealthy can make even more money.

By far the best option is to stay within the EU. But failing that we need a soft Brexit – just like the Labour Party has been proposing. A Brexit where we stay in the Customs Union and Single Market but break away from the political side of the EU. We would have our sovereignty (for what that’s worth – being ruled by a bunch of self-serving Eton toffs is not my idea of sovereignty).

A soft Brexit option is not as good as staying in but it does not devastate the country. It has never been presented to parliament. If it were I think a majority of the MPs would vote for it and we would have put an end to all this bitterness, division and wrangling.

We are being lied to!!

By rejecting these had Brexit deals MPs are supporting their constituents. I reckon they are doing a great job in the face of extreme stupidity, greed and hostility.

The majority of the country want to stay in the EU. All the polls indicate that.

We should have another referendum and put a stop to this nonsense.

Failing that we should have a soft Brexit and do the least amount of damage.

We are being sold down the river by a bunch of self-serving Tory extremists!!!

This latest Brexit deal will water down workers’ rights, water down environmental standards and produce a race to the bottom. It will make more profits for the wealthy and turn the British people into slaves. It will allow predatory American companies to exploit us. It will swamp us with nasty American food and products that do not meet our safety standards.

This is not a future I want for my grandchildren.

If we do a deal Brexit will rumble along for another decade. It will only be the start of the negotiations.

I say – pull the plug on Brexit now. It has already cost us a fortune (How many Billions wasted?). It is extremely damaging for the country.

Let’s have a second referendum!!!

Failing that – present a soft Brexit to parliament and let’s get it done with the least harm.



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