Love is a refuge – a poem

Love is a refuge


Love is a refuge;

A sphere of unreality

That immunises us

From normality.


Within that bubble

Lies a cosy warmth

Strong enough

To melt the coldest ice.


Peering out,

The world looks friendly

And every problem

Has an answer.


If only love

Could be inoculated

Into the whole population

Of the world.

What a paradise

We would inhabit.


Opher – 14.10.2019



What the world needs is more love.

Yet people kill for love.

4 thoughts on “Love is a refuge – a poem

  1. Hey Opher – thoughtful and sincere as is your style.

    Paradise is forever within our reach but sadly, it seems, always beyond our grasp. But yet, if Love were a currency we could invest for profit, how well we would prosper, how rich we’d be.


      1. Indeed it does Opher: Love always rewards exponentially.

        Whether a fool to believe, or foolish to have faith, I live in hope humanity will ultimately flourish. Where there is Love there is always a way.


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