Join the Revolution!!! I’m with the kids!!

Today – right across the world – people are taking to the streets to protest!!

We should all be out there with them!

Today students are leaving their classrooms in tens of thousands to protest!!

We should give them our full support!!

Today the world is suffering from climate change, from species extinctions, from pollution and overpopulation!

Unless we stop the madness there is no future!!

Today Trump is ripping up the environmental protections and opening up the USA parks and sites of wonder for exploitation. He will ruin the beauty of the natural world and massacre wildlife for a quick buck.

Today Bolsanaro is repealing laws to protect the Amazon. The result is that the Amazon is burning and millions of creatures are being slaughtered.

Today in the UK we are building on greenbelt, filling in ditches and ponds, grubbing up hedges and chopping down trees.

Today the numbers of humans continues to grow, forests are cut down, seas overfished and animals hunted to extinction.

I want a future with elephants, rhinos, whales, gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans running free. I don’t want some plastic nightmare!

I’M WITH THE KIDS!!!  THIS GREED HAS TO STOP!!!! Nature matters more than providing the wealthy with more loot!

We can put it right. We need to stop this mad rush for growth, to reduce our population, to stop chopping down trees, filling in ponds and polluting the world.

We can live with nature and not against it!

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