Kindle versus a real book – which is better?

Kindle versus a real book – which is better?


I suppose that the question behind this is one of ownership. When you have a ‘real’ book you own it. When you have an electronic one there is nothing to own.

It always used to be that when you went round anyone’s house you could always tell everything you needed to know about them from the books on their shelves and the records in their collection. It was an insight into their character. It said reams about them, what they thought and believed.

My house is littered with books and records. That is because I am from that age.

I like the reading experience on a kindle as much as that from a book. But I love books. I love the covers, the blurb, the smell and tactile feel. You can easily flick back to check something. You don’t get that with a kindle.

I don’t like the build up of dust or the huge amount of space they take up though.

You can have all the books you’ll ever need on a single kindle. It takes up no room whatsoever and you can pick it up and take it round the world.

I am a bit of a collector. I like the physical presence of a book.

At the end of the day it is a question of lifestyle. If the reading is the only thing then a kindle is quite adequate. The words carry the story, the meaning and import.

But if there is something more to holding a book.

A book has soul! A kindle feels vacuous.

I’ll go for books and keep my kindle for travelling!

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