The Cost of Power – a poem

The Cost of Power


Boris chases power across the shires of England,

Spreading propaganda from his rabid band;

Setting aside democracy as he perverts the very law;

Ignoring half the country and making everybody poor.


As the vulture of the USA waits to feast on carrion

We’re all worn into the ground with this interminable Brexit carry-on.

As Trump seeks to dominate by splitting up the EU

Bringing down China and loosening the world’s glue.


He’ll gobble up the bits and everyone will see

Where the power sits and who is making all the bucks

Because for the common people

This elite don’t give two fucks.


One day you’ll hear a little voice

Chortling as you’re out walking.

It’ll be Trump and Bolton

And just the cash that’s talking.


Opher – 28.8.2019

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