Stealing My Democracy – a poem for a tyrant!

Stealing My Democracy

They have stolen my democracy – treated me like a fool,
Proroguing my parliament – we don’t agree with their rule.

Who are these men? Why are they doing this? This wealthy shower!
They are after hocking us to America in their disgusting pursuit of power!

Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Farage, Johnson and Rees-Mogg
Obnoxious toffs and millionaires living off the hog!

They’ve fed us lies and they’ve fed us fear and think we cannot see.
Now they think they can get away with stealing our democracy!

They have no mandate from the people for this outrageous act!
Built on bigotry, racism and xenophobia – and that’s a bloody fact!

Are we sheep on the way to the abattoir and will we simply bleat?
Or are we men and women strong who will take to the street?

Opher – 28.8.2019

It seems that those who shout loudest about democracy are the ones who want to take it away!

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