I now live in a country ruled by tyranny! Is democracy dead?

As our unelected Prime Minister, who has no mandate from the people, himself ruled by a bunch of elitist extremists, flouts democracy by suspending Parliament in order to force through a highly damaging No-Deal Brexit, I find that I now live under a dictatorship.

I have just watched Boris Johnson openly lie on Television – telling the people that the proroguing of parliament is not about Brexit when it patently is! THE MAN IS AN HABITUAL LIAR!

I would now ask a number of questions:

Apart from Rees-Mogg (who will make millions out of this) which other of these imbeciles pushing for a No-Deal Brexit stands to make a lot of money?

Is a big factor in this the election of the Tory Party? A crass example of putting party before country?

Is Boris Johnson’s lust for power going to destroy the country?

Is democracy dead?

Are the Brexiteers mad and stupid enough to wreck the country out of some jingoistic, nationalistic, emotional nonsense founded on propaganda preaching fear of Islam and some outmoded notion of Britain’s greatness?

Will the people now take to the streets to demand their voices be heard? Are we moving towards a revolution?

Are we ruled by morons or cynical self-servers who don’t care about us at all?



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