Poetry – God too – an antitheist’s view

Poetry – God too – an antitheist’s view

God Too

I’m the power in your sun

The atom and the wind

Giving light its speed

Its colour

And its spin

Arising out of nothing

To make your sunset glow

Organising your bodies

To your neurone flow

I give life its mystery

Creating all the laws

That keep it all in motion

Its perfection

And its flaws

You make me into Gods

Religions and Holy books

But I evade all your

Interpretations of my looks

You will not find me concerned

With how your life should run

Providing you with morals

For what is

Or is not done

I am not a human

Apart from the cosmic flow

I connect you to the mystic

That you cannot know

Your religions try to capture me

As I appear to you all

But I spiral through the words

Of the prayers that you call

Everything you think is real

You create it from the void

And you are doomed

To live the life

With which your dreams have toyed.

Opher 8.2.99

I suppose I think there is some mystery, some mystical element behind the universe. It comes out of nothing in a big bang. From nothing to the universe in a fraction of a second; atoms out of nothing. There is energy flowing through the universe. There is size beyond comprehension. There is infinity and the void from which it comes. There are atoms that cannot wear out and energy that goes on forever. But is there a plan or purpose? Is there a God that is concerned with morals and human destiny? Is there an after-life? That is too human to me. Too convenient. If there was a God it is one God. The God of all religions – no one special. The morals and the dogma do not hold with the mystical. I ridicule it. Religion is the biggest tyranny. It has held us back for thousands of years, stopping progress, inhibiting ideas, constraining thought, filling us with dread and fear, sin, evil and paradise, Heaven and Hell. Bollocks. So what happens after Heaven? What is that all about? Bollocks. Mysticism I can equate. Religion is bollocks.  15.2.99  Opher

8 thoughts on “Poetry – God too – an antitheist’s view

      1. Hi BW – when I was a young man I went in search of god. I read the books, did the meditation and argued in favour of mysticism and the mystery of the universe that had created infinity and life. I revelled in it. But I did not find any substance to my search – only wishful thinking, an excitement of ideas, hollow cerebral games. I came to the realisation that religions were all created by men, used for power and control and that the ‘truth’ they purported to contain was not believed by the men (and they were nearly all men) who espoused them.
        So I would be interested to hear your proof.

      2. It begins with the realisation that God is loving Spirit inside you, and creating space for that to occur easily, is the quest in all of us, choices. But I did have a few experiences too, saw many signs, I suppose when we realise that it’s up to each person to encourage that Space for Spirit to live in them, that’s when it begins to grow inside us, as love can’t grow well with evil.

      3. BW – I do believe that a man may become a spiritual force. For me that is about our oneness with nature and the universe. I am part of that flow and experience the joy of being part of nature.
        But as for that being any evidence of any god – I am extremely sceptical. It is all too human for me.
        We should certainly grow love.

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