Opher’s Art and Outpourings – an extract from one of my many books.

I thought it was time I gave you a little extract from one of my books. I am a writer and am trying to make a meagre living out of my creativity. When that fails I do it for fun.

I like my books and have great response from people that have read them. Not many of you leave reviews though.

So please give me some encouragement by buying a book and leaving a review. It’d make my day.

Here’s an extract from my Art book – Opher’s Art and Outpourings. I hope you like it. If you do please leave a like and a comment. If you hate it then let me know.


Alien Vision in red – 1972


This is collaboration with Pete Smith. He did the drawing. I did the painting.

Pete was brilliant at doing these cartoons and drawings. He could encapsulate so much into them. I was impressed by his genius.

I had always been keen on Science Fiction. I do not like Fantasy. My penchant was for stories based on real science about life in the future. Science Fiction may be the work of imagination but it presents a lot of scope for looking into the depths of the future at what might happen. There’s a lot to be learnt from studying the future.

All the religious fanatics believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. That we were placed here and the universe was created by God for us.

I find that not only naive and simplistic but completely laughable.

I wish the Neanderthal’s had not become extinct. If there were two separate species of intelligent humans it would have been much harder for the fanatics to represent us as the chosen ones made in God’s image.

I do not believe in any god. I do not believe we have evolved. I certainly do not believe in the incredibly narcissistic view that the whole infinite universe was created for our benefit.

One day we will (if we manage to survive long enough) discover other intelligent life in this galaxy. When that day happens, and I doubt (due to the immense distances involved) that it will be a face to face contact, it will shake the religious fanatics to the core.

I love the way Pete created the mirror-image of NASA, the reflection of the alien and tears.

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