Poetry – Angry – Let’s get things done!

Poetry – Angry – Let’s get things done!


My mind is crippled
My emotions crawl
My memory limps
My psychology stalls

Somewhere between the mindless and the mean
Between the leaders and followers
What is and might have been
Between the sickeningly sweet and the vicious kick
Between the awesome mystery
Religion and the sick.
Somewhere between the ageing and the end
Between the discovery and death
The laws to break and mend
Between the exploiting cynic and the devotee
Between the moments that matter
And the lives of you and me.

There must be more than this
There has to be a way
That gives a sense of purpose
With something real to say

Opher 23.10.96

I am often dismayed by the vacuous nature of most people’s lives. Thoreau said that we lead lives of quiet desperation. Most of us get bogged down in narrow horizons of daily chores. We go through life like cattle chewing the cud in fields; without a thought for the future of life outside the field. I see a whole world the other side of the hedge and an abattoir just down the road.

I always promised myself that I would live life to the full, experience it and wring it dry. I promised myself that I would not sink into the rut that I saw my parents slide into. There was more than work, a routine and telly.
There is a world to engage in. There are huge issues to become involved with. There are things to create. There is a future to help build.

Once you start seeing what our glorious leaders are doing; the inequality, destruction and selfishness they instigate, and the level of hypocrisy that is involved, the insanity they preside over, it fills you with impotent fury.

I want a simple, happy life of enquiry, creativity, friendship and purpose in which we preserve the planet for our grandchildren and all manner of life that lives on it. I do not subscribe to endless growth, wealth creation and unsustainable destruction.

I am consumed with the desire to do something about it.

I want a positive zeitgeist!


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