All too much – a poem

All too much


There are too many people

Chopping too many trees,

Bringing the world

Down to its knees.


Drilling too much oil

From too many wells.

Too much profit

From too many hard sells.


Too many hunters

Shooting too many beasts.

Too much partying

And too many feasts.


They are trawling

Too many sea beds

For too many mouths

In too many heads.


There’s too much land

Being cleared away

And all being doused

With far too much spray.


There’s too little thought

And too little care

Just too much devastation



It’s all far, far too much!


Opher – 22.5.2019



The truth is that there are far too many of us. We have taken over too much of the fertile land and are causing far too much damage. We’re wiping everything out.

The natural world is reeling!

8 thoughts on “All too much – a poem

  1. Very true & all too sad. It seems every day some other rare & lovely living thing is taken from us by stupid, irrational, GREEDY human.
    Today for example “my” swallows were seen in another nest box, not the one they had built a nest in, then again, they flew back south. I wonder if they will fail to breed AGAIN?

    They haven’t had any chicks for the last four years, how much longer can they continue to fail to breed before I never see them again?

    The conservation groups keep asking for more money but it seems no matter how much they receive, the wild keeps getting bulldozed into dust & turned into more shopping malls, more roads, more housing for more dam humans.

    I hope the supply of fossil resources soon falls & falls quickly, the sooner we collapse, the better for all other living things.

    We rose with OIL, we will fall when OIL is no more.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It is tragic what we are doing to wildlife. My swallows have gone too. Their nesting sights are being decimated but more importantly the insects they feed off are being killed. They are starving. I doubt they have the energy to breed or rear young.
      I fear we are destroying the natural world.

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