Graphics, humour, barbed comment – Tubularsock has it all!! Hours of fun!



Now we all know that Donald Trump is a pathological liar and an egotistical bore.

But the journalists still rush to every “news” conference and every Presidential helicopter takeoff and landing where they attempt to ask inane questions as the OrangeTweet blabs on and on with a combination of drivel and shit.

And yet the press persists. Why?

Well Tubularsock set out to photograph THE TRUTH as only Tubularsock can do and the result is a comprehensive photo montage of Donald Trump’s engagement with the world.

Editor’s Note: Please note that each of these photographs were taken by Tubularsock with a Nikon Doubled Reversed Lens which can show past and present in the same click.

Many feel that Tubularsock Photoshop’s the pictures. NOT SO!

These are all actual photos taken by Tubularsock just before the original photographer took the picture.

Thereby picking up the TRUTH of…

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