How Socialism is undermined.

The establishment is capitalist.

The wealthy and powerful own the media.

A fairer system of socialism is not in their interests and so they actively undermine it.

In Scandinavia and the UK democratic socialism has worked very successfully. Our wonderful NHS is the result of it.

What happens when a socialist government gets in power is that the capitalists withdraw investment and actively undermine the economy. They engineer it failing.

The establishment is made up of wealthy, powerful individuals. They want a system that favours them and pours wealth into their pockets. They do not want a fairer system that looks after ordinary people or the poor. As they own the media they pour out a stream of propaganda to say that fairer systems do not operate.

It is extremely hard for Socialism to flourish when the money markets and media undermine it.

11 thoughts on “How Socialism is undermined.

    1. Simon – I think you are right. In order to get elected and be able to function they have to water it down like Blair did – almost Thatcherite.
      Corbyn is painted as an extremist because he threatens the establishment.

      1. A telling moment in democracy was when Cameron formed that coalition with the Liberals – markets were going crazy saying they could not wait any longer.

  1. Corbyn associates with extremists, especially Islamic extremists. If I thought you had an open mind I would name some examples and what makes them extremist. But I would not describe Corbyn as an extremist. In the words of Lenin, an idealist like Corbyn is a “useful idiot”. People decry Abbott as being thick but she is not. She is probably not briefed properly or too lazy to read her brief. Abbott is, however, far more intelligent than Corbyn who relies on Seumas Milne, a self declared communist, as his “brain”.

    1. Hi Bede – yes I know your views on Corbyn. I don’t think he actually associates with them. He has been on the same platforms because he has involved himself in Irish and Palestinian politics. I think that is a big difference. In order to solve problems one has to listen to both sides.
      No I don’t think Corbyn is an extremist either. I think his policies make perfect sense. I don’t think he is a useful idiot though. He is a man who is an idealist and has stood for his principles consistently throughout his life.
      I don’t have a lot of time for Dianne Abbott – she is just better than any of the current Tories.

  2. What principles? He has been elected on the back of Labour manifestoes several times but has voted against his Party more than 400 times. How does that make him principled? In my view it makes him a parasite, trading on the Labour brand. Corbyn travelled to Gaza with Ibrahim Hewitt, whom he has described as “a good friend”. I have read Hewitt’s book “What is Islam?” in which he espouses identical views to the Sultan of Brunei on homosexuality and adultery. Would you choose to have a friend such as Hewitt? I won’t bother to list the other extremists and proscribed terrorists with whom he has associated, since you are blinded by Jezza’s charade, except to mention the fact that he takes money from the misogynist regime of Iran for broadcasting on its banned tv channel. There’s no chance of the Labour manifesto being put into action. If they get in under Corbyn all they will do is try to borrow a massive amount of money and piss it against the wall. Give me an example of a problem solved by Corbyn during his time as a politician. He was informed about the Haringey care home scandal when paedophiles were knowingly employed in the care homes and a teenage girl was murdered by one. He said he would raise the subject with Virginia Bottomley, the appropriate Minister at the time but he didn’t bother. I have yet to hear him condemn the Russian attack in Salisbury or the abduction of 7,000 Yazidi women & children into sexual slavery. He is a long-standing opponent of the EU, describing it as a “Frankenstein monster” serving the interests of big business and capitalism yet he is afraid to clarify his true position because most members of the Labour Party favour remaining in the EU. Corbyn is a puppet fronting the four “Ms” – Milne, Murray, Murphy and McCluskey. They dictate what he does and says. Would you share a platform with Tommy Robinson and if you did, would you be surprised to be accused of associating with him?

    1. I would have joined Corbyn and Benn in voting against the watered down Tory agendas that Blair was putting forward. He stood by his principles. He wasn’t a red Tory like the rest of the Blairites.
      He is no puppet.
      I share his views on the EU. It is a right-wing organisation. But, as with Corbyn, I recognise that it is by far the better thing socially, economically and psychologically for this country.
      Labour will borrow a lot of money, pour it into the public services, that the Tories have cut into crisis, and use it to improve the lives of millions of the poorest people in Britain instead of giving it away to the top.
      Of course I would love an opportunity to share a platform with Tommy Robinson and call him out on his scurrilous fascist views.

  3. When has Corbyn ever championed the social democratic systems employed in Scandinavia? The systems he has praised have been those of Venezuela and Cuba where private enterprise is repressed. He has also praised the Soviet system (do you want his actual words printed in the Morning Star?). The Scandinavian countries employ capitalist ventures like Ikea. Corbyn wants to nationalise everything, well at least his advisers do because he can’t think for himself. According to his first two wives, he has never read a book let alone studied economic or political systems.

    1. But Bede – obviously, the Labour Party is much more than Corbyn. Democratic Socialism is what we have had in Britain and will have again and it will be run along Scandinavian lines – a compromise between capitalism and socialism. You know that. We do need radical change but not extreme change. Corbyn’s manifesto was a very good balance. The Labour team will deliver the changes necessary. You know full well that it takes time to bring in changes. The Tories have been rabidly trying to privatise and dismantle the whole of public services yet they persist – damaged but not completely broken. He won’t ever nationalise everything – just the obvious things that need nationalising – education, health, power and transport. Britain is not Venezuela. We haven’t got all our economy based on one commodity. A drop in the price of oil will not send us into a downward spiral. US sanctions will not scupper us.
      I don’t really care what Corbyn says about Russia. Between the anti-Soviet propaganda I suspect there are many things to admire.

  4. The difference is perspective and internal beliefs. The framework of the constitution came about due to past dictatorships. We know there will always be competition. And some people have more energy, determination, and abilities to make more money. And thankfully, due to their efforts, people have jobs. And because of “freedom,” if I were to have the desire to start a business and make it into something great, I would have the freedom to do so. But I also know, that many who do not believe in the individual have made starting businesses very difficult, which prevents many entrepreneurs from becoming. But as on Shark Tank, we see many continue. **Look. I don’t want any candidate promising me things that they are going to “give me.” I want them to support the constitution, reduce regulations, and allow people to find their own ways in this thing called life. Let me be the one to decide how and what I’m going to do. Let me be creative and determined.

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