Corbyn is Right!! What we need is nationalisation of the Railways, Greater equality and caps on pay for the fat-cats and proper funding of public services – Nurses, Teachers and Social Workers!

The fog of Brexit is covering up the damage being wrought at home! The Tories are destroying public services!!

Opher's World

This Tory government is getting away with murder! They are making the poorest pay for the austerity, creating austerity through a poorly performing economy and generating inequality through tax breaks for the rich.

The railways, NHS and Schools are a mess. Underfunding and creeping privatisation are a scandal.

The national debt is out of control and has never been bigger.

The rich have never had it so good!

They are out of their depth with Brexit and being run by a minority of the most heinous politicians – Fox, Rees Mogg, Davies and Duncan Smith.

Something has to happen!

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