Austerity is a sham – an excuse to introduce Tory dogma.

It’s the rich wot gets the loving; it’s the poor wot gets the blame.
Ain’t it all a bleedin’ shame!

Opher's World


We had a large national debt. Every government has a debt but when the economy collapsed due to the world recession and the interest rates rose the debt became a millstone round the neck.

There is no dispute that we needed to pay the debt off. It is how it is done that is the crux of the matter.


The Goodwin plan should have been implemented:

Reduce government spending.

a. Trim the budgets to remove the fripperies (training, innovations, meetings, pamphlets, glossy brochures) and put practitioners back from think tanks and training programmes into classrooms and hospitals.

b. Keep everything the same and introduce no changes. Every change costs money.

Encourage growth

a. Stimulate the economy by introducing building programmes that get people in work to pay more taxes.

Instead of introducing The Goodwin Plan this is what the Tories actually did:

a. Used austerity as an excuse to slash Public…

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