God’s Bolt – A Sci-fi novel – the story

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Long ago I had this idea of limiting the scope of a novel right down to the narrowest I could possibly get. Could I write a book with only one character? It was quite a challenge.

Eventually I realised how to do it. My heroine was stranded on the space station as the Earth was destroyed. She was on her own. What did she do? How did she feel?

Of course the novel turned out to have a lot more characters than that. There was all the back story to fill in, her family and life and her fellow astronauts. There’s also her work on Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

I was delighted with the outcome, though I had to restructure it a couple of times to make it work.

If you’d like a copy it is now available on Amazon:

In Digital format:

In the UK –

In the…

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