Warm Fuzzies

A Passion for Education – Warm Fuzzies

This is a short extract from Chapter 6. I think it has resonance for all walks of life.:

The best training we had was a great exercise that really summed up the way we human beings interact with each other.

It concerned a magical land far far away. A wizard came into the land with a big bag. When he met anyone he put his hand in his bag and gave them a little furry creature. As soon as they held it and stroked the animal it sent a great feeling of pleasure and happiness flooding through them. The wizard had an endless supply and soon everyone was carrying a bag around full of ‘warm fuzzies’ and passing them around to everyone they met. The kingdom became a beautiful place full of happy people.

The wizard left and another wizard appeared. He too had a bag but inside his bag were cold spiky little creatures. Everyone he met he gave one of these creatures to. The ‘icy pricklies’ ate ‘warm fuzzies’ and sent a feeling of fear and hatred through the person. Soon the kingdom was transformed into gloom and misery.

So what do we all pass on to others that we meet?

I wanted a school that ran on ‘warm fuzzies’. ‘icy pricklies’ were banned. Whatever bad stuff had happened to you outside you left it at the school gates. I accentuated the positive. I tried to get everyone to recognise all the good qualities in each other. I wanted the kingdom inside to be warm and nurturing.

I think I achieved that.

I have since discovered (thanks to Raili) the original Warm Fuzzy tale. It is a little bit different to the one I was told and is a delight! Thank you Claude Steiner!!


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13 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies

      1. There’s a children’s book about warm fuzzies and cold pricklies. This goes back to the 80’s. Excellent book. I’ll have to find it again. Thank you, Opher.

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