The Creation of Gods.

Early man looked at the heavens, seasons and nature and was awestruck by the majesty of what they saw. I am too.

They set about trying to explain these wonders with their limited minds and imagination and invented gods and religions – all religions and gods were created in line with their cultural origins and are laden with that cultural baggage (whether that be the worship of Diana, Allah, God, Odin, Inti, Amun-Ra or Rama …….).

They had no concept of evolution, planets, suns, or the extent of nature and the universe. They could not understand what created the seasons or weather changes.

Through basic psychology they created solutions and explanations in the form of creation myths, afterlives, paradises and all the rest.

Nature and the universe are amazing. Science has only scratched the surface. There is much to be understood and it is quite probable that with our limited minds we will never fully understand the creation of life or the universe. Why would we pretend such arrogance as to understand? We are little more than bacterial scum on the surface of a minor planet, stuck out on the spiral arm of a lesser galaxy amid trillions of such galaxies.

For me to explain the unknown with the invention of an even bigger unknown is just another fairy tale.

I see lots of wonder in nature, consciousness and the universe. I’ve spent my life in euphoric discovery and awe. Every tree, sunset, mountain and lake fills me with awe.

I do not see any intelligent hand at work. If there is it’s a perverse one. If the human body was designed the designer is either incompetent or vindictive. A child could do better.

We are not in the position of our ignorant forebears. We know a lot more. We know the sun is not a god and that the rituals do not make the sun rise or change the seasons. We know that weather is the result of meteorological phenomena – not rain dances.

The world and universe is full of wonder. I’ve no need to create a magical being to explain it.

I believe religion has had its day. Soon we will leave it behind. I believe it only exists because we brainwash our kids.

I do not have any issue with anyone who chooses to believe in whatever they like as long as they don’t foist it on others. I just do not believe any of it.

13 thoughts on “The Creation of Gods.

  1. I agree, Opher, we can never understand the workings of the universe. Everything we come up with are simply theories. However, I do disagree with you about the human body which I think is beautiful and amazing. ☺

    1. Cheers Ellem – beautiful and amazing except for the screaming faults:
      Why only one opening for the lungs? Why have it in with the gullet so we choke? (Because lungs evolved from offshoot of the gut – the swimbladder).
      Why have the head on a neck that can be so easily broken? Why not house the brain in the thorax? (Because of cephalisation).
      Why have the excretory system mixed up with the reproductive system? Why have the egestory system opening with the reproductive system? Both being very unhygienic and creating cystitis and infections. (Because they evolved from the common cloacas of fish)
      I could go on. Limbs, organs, physiology and biochemistry all have big faults. The human body is amazing but it certainly hasn’t been designed; it has evolved. Once you start thinking about improvements they are easy to identify.

      1. Ooo er Opher, you’ve really given this some thought! The neck is indeed easily broken, but I think it’s one of the sexiest parts of the body. Sorry I’m not taking this too seriously at the moment but I’m p art way through a bottle of wine. 😃

      2. That sounds good! Enjoy your wine! I’ve just had a couple of beers!
        Lol – yes I’ve given it plenty of thought. We used to have discussions on how to design the body better. It was fun and created a lot of argument and banter.
        Yes the neck is very sexy but also extremely vulnerable – what with the vulnerability of breaks, trachea damage and jugulars. Does sexiness outweigh paraplegia I wonder?

  2. Interesting the dichotomy you express through this post: of being in awe and wonder and then realizing that the awe and wonder and the meaning that it might draw onto itself has no object to be in awe about. 😆

    In your first couple sentences there I had a cognition: there was no point in time when early Man looked at the world and came up with gods and religion and stuff.

    I think it was a natural process of development that made total sense. There was no cognitive or creative agency placed upon the world to see things as though they weren’t seeing what is actually there. I think whatever creature there was that developed in whatever way such that we are here now and somehow linked to them- I don’t think the nature of its existence has changed one iota.

    I think it is the nature of the universal object that we call the human being that it makes meaning, but the meaning is only that. As you say or imply by saying that you can’t imagine some sort of God with a purpose in mind or something like that you said, or if you can imagine one then it must be, what did you say? It must be a joker or playing games with us. Lol

    I think it is just part of the human mind now to be able to come just come some conception of the past as though people actually created some thing against something they didn’t know about.

    For example, what does the term for example, what does the term “awe and wonder “ mean? What is it indicating?

    I would suggest that you are in capable of having such an experience without addressing it to those particular terms, whatever those terms are you don’t have a choice about it and you didn’t creatively decide to have this experience of all and wonder and then call it piss and shit . 🙂

    I think it is the nature of our being functioning that we have the world.

    At least at its most basic level. If we encapsulate ourselves within the functioning to then project that out onto the world then indeed we have the creation stories such as you’re talking about.

    But I think when we embody that actual activity, we find that the mind is not creating anything. That indeed the universe is creation.

    1. Landzek – Thanks for your response. I’ll try and address it.
      The awe and wonder I feel is directed at nature and my feeling of amazement and connection. Well worthy of awe and wonder I reckon.
      I bet there was a time when those ideas took off. People looked at the things they could not understand and tried to conceive of answers. That’s how our brains work. We’re problem solvers and pattern seers. I bet those ideas took off then and became more sophisticated. Early gods were the sun – the giver of warmth and light – and the moon – a body of mystery. Then we have things like The Green Man – the metaphor for nature. Trees and rocks were also thought to be spirits.
      I think awe and wonder for me conjures up feelings of something wonderful, impressive and beyond understanding – or something so beautiful that it creates euphoria.
      I think the universe just is. Our relationship to it is one of wonder. We try to explain things we can’t understand. So we create gods and religions.

      1. I don’t think anyone chooses to think there is a God Becuase of some event. It is a justification of what is already happinging , I’d say.

      2. I would agree. They observed things they could not understand – the rising of the sun and moon, weather patterns, seasons, animal migration patterns, death. They thought up explanations. It led to considering the sun a god that could be affected by ritual and sacrifice.

      3. I say that they understood exactly what they were seeing. Just as we are.

        How could ancient humans come up with an idea they had no clue about? How could they think up an explanation when they had no means to “not” think of one, or to think of a different one? How could different people’s have creatively made up different ideas of what was occurring when they had no other reference by which to think of something different?

        Why would people creatively come up with an explanation and then fight people who came up with a different creative way? Why wouldn’t they just creatively make a new explanation in light of the fact that there were other peoples who came up with a different idea?

      4. I disagree. They had no concept of what the sun really was or the Moon. They did not know that the earth was a planet. They did not know why the sun rose or seasons changed. They thought they could influence it with ritual. They worshipped it as a god.
        Tribalism and religions cause division and conflict.

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