Malign Conviction – a poem

Malign Conviction


Beheadings, stonings


All the result of malign


In the name of God no


Messianic thugs without



Radicals and fanatics

Go and come

Reciting verses

Ad infinitum.

Strict adherence

Conscience numb.

Banging loudly on a

Different drum.


Religion has no answers

For the road to paradise.

Here on in some after-life

They’re skating on thin ice.


Opher – 3.3.2019



As the evil heartless scum of ISIS are finally defeated and the Caliphate brought to an end we should reflect on the callousness and cruelty, the intolerance and extremism, that is put into practice by the followers of god.

Down through the ages the patterns have been set.

How can anybody believe in a god so cruel?

How can anybody believe that their viciousness will find favour with any god?

It is psychotic.

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