A Thousand Cuts – a poem

A Thousand Cuts


Callous, uncaring, selfish,

Greedy and mean,

The nasty party

Are running the scene.


Cutting here,

And cutting there,

Decimating services



Created by the rich

To look after their loot,

Clobbering the poor

And putting in the boot.


The nasty Tory Party

Is simply running amok;

Getting away with murder

With the country in hock.


Callous, uncaring, selfish,

Greedy and mean,

The nasty party

Are running the scene.


Opher – 27.2.2019



While the country is totally obsessed with Brexit the Tories are continuing their war against the poor.

They have continued slashing social welfare, slashing spending on schools, hospitals, social services, councils, police and the armed forces.

They think nobody is watching and they can get away with it.

They have had to pay for their tax cuts for the rich. They have had to make up the shortfall because of their mismanagement of the economy. Who pays? Not the bankers whose bonuses meet new highs, not the executives whose pay is soaring, no – the ordinary people.

They have had their pensions robbed, their pay frozen and their work increased. The public services have been devastated.

Crime has gone through the roof.

Teachers are leaving in droves.

There is a crisis in the NHS.

There are pot-holes in the road.

Libraries and youth services are shutting.

People are being thrown on to the streets.

Food banks and rough sleeping are increasing


How callous can you get?

6 thoughts on “A Thousand Cuts – a poem

      1. Yeah, the Blue Wave should wash away some of the stink, but there’s a corruption and a hateful streak that has deep roots. We will fight that too.

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