Tommy Tommy – a poem

Tommy Tommy


Tommy Tommy

Where you gonna run?

Tommy   Tommy

Have you been having fun?


Spreading your lies

Spreading your hate

Tommy   Tommy

The ban is way too late!


Fascists to the left.

Fascists to the right.

Fascists on facebook

Spreading fear and fright!


Organising hatred!

Organising violence!

Take away the platform!

Bring the healing silence!


Tommy Tommy

Where you gonna run?

Tommy   Tommy

Have you been having fun?



Opher 26.2.2019



As populism rules and the far-right masquerades under a veneer of outrage, Tommy Robinson is finally banned from Facebook and Instagram where he has been whipping up a storm of racist crap and organising mass demonstrations of hatred.

It’s taken much too long to silence him.

We have problems with mass immigration. We have problems with a clash of cultures. We have problems with Islam and its attitudes to life. We don’t like puritanical religiosity of any sort in Britain. We don’t like mosques springing up all over the country. We don’t like burqas or medieval costumes.

The extreme right have been exploiting our uneasiness and fear. They have been exaggerating the sexual exploitation cases. They have been exaggerating the terrorist threat. They have been exaggerating the extreme Muslims’ calls for Sharia law.

All these things are problems that need dealing with. The way to deal with them is not to adopt the Populist Fascists but to welcome and integrate Muslims into British culture and British values.

The vast majority of Muslims are not extremists, not Jihadis, not terrorists. They came here to settle because they wanted the freedom and opportunity we offered.

Our government has been appallingly stupid. Instead of putting in place the necessary mechanisms to ensure integration they just blithely ignored it all and allowed isolation – even promoted it with their religious schools policy. WE DON’T NEED ISOLATION!!! WE NEED INTEGRATION!!!

Integrated schools.

English language adult education.

Dispersal of immigrants.

British values.

Policing of mosques.

Rooting out extremism.

People like Tommy Robinson have forced immigrants to congregate in enclaves for protection, have created extreme responses and made them feel threatened, and have created the puritanical extremism that he rails against.

The answer to radical Islam is not fascism; it is integration!

Thank heavens Tommy is finally being muzzled!!

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