The Train Crash – a poem

The Train Crash


As the animal populations tumble

And the climate changes,

As the pollution racks up

And the mess piles up,

As the population soars

And the squalor goes berserk,

As the inequality mounts

And the wealthy do not care,

As the poverty increases

And the poor are left to starve,

As artificial intelligence

Takes all the jobs,

As mass migration

Causes mass dismay,

As racism and fear

Are pointing the way,

As populism shouts

And the fascists are on the march,

As the wars are raging

And terror stalks the streets,

As the trees are cut down

And creatures lose their homes,

As the beasts are hunted

For trophies on the wall,

As nowhere is safe

And there’s nowhere left to run,

We’re living on a dying planet

That is ruled by the gun.


Opher 27.2.2019



What I find most distressing are the people who are denying this is happening. There are still religious nutcases in America who are openly supporting populism, who think the world is not in dire straits, the population is not out of control and that nature can withstand this onslaught. These imbeciles are calling for larger families and are blind to the carnage around them.

Their answer to the mass migration and terrorism being created by this holocaust of nature is to arm themselves, build walls, bomb and shoot.

They don’t see that the cause is the greed of the excessively wealthy as they blithely rape and pillage in their lust as if there is no tomorrow. For huge numbers of creatures and people there isn’t. Their tomorrow is being consumed on a bonfire of greed.

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