So Much and So Little – a poem

So Much and so Little


Some have so much

And some have so little.

For some the law is bendy;

For others it is brittle.

Some live in opulence.

Some live in squalor.

Some are coerced,

The others just follow.

Life isn’t fair.

Life is a bitch.

Some have all the finery,

Others not a stitch.

Some run on greed;

Take all they can.

No matter who they hurt;

It’s part of their plan.

It’s all very ugly

As they wreck the joint.

They’re destroying the planet.

They just don’t get the point!


Opher 26.2.2019

Watching what is going on around me is like watching a train wreck in freeze frame. We are holding a party on the train as it heads for the precipice. Half the passengers are busy denying it is happening and half the passengers are looking out at the looming catastrophe and shrieking.

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