Writing Update.

I’ve been editing God’s Bolt. My editor wanted a restructuring and two new sections.  I have written the two sections and carried out a complete restructuring. I think it flows a lot better.

The next step is for me to reread the book. Then make the necessary adjustments that will have arisen due to the restructure. Then it goes back to my editor for pronouncement.

It is all taking a bit longer than I imagined but I think it has become a better book.

Meanwhile the sequel to God’s Bolt – which is presently called Unfinished Business, but which I am going to retitle – is with my editor. He is part-way through and enthusiastically has told me it is my best yet. We’ll see what he thinks when he gets to the end.

When I get Unfinished Business back I will address the editing.

Both of those Sci-fi novels should be out by spring.

Ruminating on Roy Harper is next in line. I have had discussions with a few people and am making a decision soon. It will need a reread and another edit. Then we’ll see.

The Wilderness Years – Nick Harper – is complete and edited. It merely requires a professional page layout.

So it is busy times!! I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile – thank you to everyone who is buying my books. I’m very grateful and I hope you are enjoying them half as much as I enjoyed writing them.

All my books are available on Amazon – under Opher Goodwin, Chris Goodwin or Ron Forsythe.

Thank you.

Please leave a review!

2 thoughts on “Writing Update.

  1. It is good (and inspiring) to see you continuing to be so creatively active, Opher. I am busying writing and editing away my days as well. I have one book I’m sending around to dozens of publishers and literary agents alike, as well as one I am saving for self-publication.

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