The Reality of South Africa – the Townships

Driving down the main highway in Cape Town is extremely salutary. On one side of the highway is the Townships where the poor blacks live. It is a shanty town of ramshackle sheds in which the black population live.

On the other side of the road there are the beautiful houses of the white suburbs.

Every morning one can see the black people pouring out of the townships to go to work in the white estates as maids, gardeners, cooks and odd-job men.

These are the toilets for all the people living in the township.


7 thoughts on “The Reality of South Africa – the Townships

      1. I would disagree with that as everything that is evident today is all home grown. There is no such meddling from outside and SA has been on a downward slide every since the white government left. The corruption is beyond description and just a brief glimpse of the works of Winnie Mandela would inform anyone of that. SA is nothing to do with party politics as such but has reverted back to basic African mentality, that of tribal power. Most Europeans don’t understand because they’ve never lived there and a short holiday stop will only inform of the completely obvious.
        Btw, the ruling class blacks live in equal splendor to that of the whites.

        SA will go exactly the same way as Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). There used to be over 500 extremely well managed industrial sized farms responsible for producing more food than the country actually needed to feed itself. Today, there are but three left for a population today of over 16 million.
        That’s what black power does when controlled by the wrong hands.

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