Snooks Eaglin – New Orleans Street Singer

I had this album of Snooks – New Orleans Street Singer – when I was at school. I used to play it to death. It had such a laid-back feel to it – not quite Blues, not quite Folk and not quite Cajun. It was Snooks.

Opher's World

I was introduced to the Blues by my friend Dick Brunning when I was fourteen. This was back in 1963 and he was only fourteen as well. I haven’t a clue where he got it from. It wasn’t popular back then. This was the time when the Stones, Animals, Them, Pretty Things, Yardbirds and all the other British R&B groups were beginning their impact. I had the privilege of having heard the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed before hearing the cover versions. Not that I didn’t love what those British bands did with the Blues, I did.

It was around 1966 that I discovered Snooks Eaglin. I found this Folkways cardboard cover album of Snooks’ New Orleans Streetsinger. Back then you could not hear it. You had to take a chance. I liked the look of the cover so I bought it. It set me…

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