Goodbye Theresa May!!

Just go!

Opher's World

Dead as a Duck

They won’t support the vicar’s daughter
Theresa May is dead in the water!
The rabid right with have its way!
On your bike Mrs May!

Unleashing the dogs of Nationalism
Set free the terrors of tribalism.
Cameron and Osbourne put party first
Now the Right for blood does thirst!

They’ve torn the country from bow to stern.
They don’t care and don’t seem to learn.
Mogg and Boris with fight it out!
Power is what it is all about!

Mrs May you chose the wrong way!
Inclusive is best – you threw it away!
Appeasing the nutters was never gonna work!
They made you look like a complete berk!

So Theresa May you’ve had your day!
You’ve thrown the whole country into the fray!
We’re all to hell in a handcart!
Watch as they pull us all apart!

Tory fools what were you thinking?
What mad…

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