Tories and Trump and the funnelling of wealth.

There is an underlying principle found in both Trump and the Tories – how to channel more wealth to the powerful and wealthy and get away with it.

They do this under the guise of tax cuts that greatly favour the wealthy as well as pay freezes that increase profits.

Now, these tax cuts, even despite the best efforts of the media to disguise it, are detrimental to the vast majority of people and usually people realise it. Wealth is channelled away from public services which serve the ordinary people, wages are kept low and great damage is done to the standard of living of most people while the wealthy elite prosper and this creates frustration and anger.

So how do they get away with doing it?

They deploy a number of mechanisms:

  • They use the media to obfuscate.
  • They claim that these tax cuts and profits are great for the economy and thus good for everyone. The ship rises for everyone as the waters rise. Without this investment we all suffer.
  • They distract with all manner of shallow activities that prevent people thinking – alcohol, shopping, TV, celebrities, pageant and royalty, drugs and fun.
  • They generate fear – there are enemies that threaten our way of life! – Muslims, immigrants, foreigners, the EU, Eastern Europeans, terrorism. There is hysteria, exaggeration and obsession.
  • They use war – we are being threatened and have to protect our national interests. It is never quite clear how Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam were really ever a real threat. But it certainly deflects attention and provides opportunities for making huge profits. Is Iran really a threat to the West? Or Russia? Or South Korea?
  • They use economic recession. There is always a silver lining in every recession. Public services can be slashed, budgets cut, austerity brought in, pay cut – but at the same time there can be big tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations (to stimulate the economy!!!) and the pay and bonuses for the wealthy soar. We’re all in it together -right??
  • Demonising the poor and needy – scroungers, work-shy, shysters, drug-addicts, alkies, smoking sluts and thugs who deserve all they get! Their services should be cut and they should be forced back to work. We are primed not to care. Who cares about the suicides or the kids scavenging food out of bins? The old people who can’t afford to put the heating on, the illness, homelessness, disabled and disease? They deserve it right? They’re all the same! Our compassion is misplaced.

So while our attention is distracted with Brexit and Trump, immigration and terrorism, the relentless channelling of wealth continues. The rich and powerful become ever more wealthy and powerful and the poor become poorer.

It is cynical.

20 thoughts on “Tories and Trump and the funnelling of wealth.

  1. Seriously? Lol. What a load of one dimensional crap. Tax cuts not good? Right…
    Learn some basic economics, please.

    Here we go. Another blow hard who doesn’t quite get what happened with the story of the kids with their hands in the ‘bins’.
    Every day at a certain time, supermarkets empty their shelves of stock that have reached their sell by date. As I always shop in the evenings I get offered stock all the time by the staff.
    In this instance, some kids waited outside for the container to be trundled out and they help themselves. It happens up and down the country in every supermarket. This is not news. This is old news. In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the food, because some minutes prior it was offered for sale.
    Stop exaggerating and making false statements of truth.

  2. OK Opher. Ar this moment in time, we, UK, are still paying back £50 Billion per year to the lenders that the last Labour government borrowed huge sums from.
    That little detail still dictates the current governments application of financial mechanisms available to them.
    How else do you propose encouraging investment?
    We have two choices and only two.
    Either we tax higher and discourage investment and it could go elsewhere where it is cheaper.
    Or we tax at sensible levels to encourage investment.
    We either nurture our economy or we flail it.
    Looks to me that you want a return of the 1960’s 1970’s Labour where taxation was at astronomical levels and we lost a wealth of entrepreneurial skills and opportunities.
    How foolish.

    1. Yes Peter – I understand fully the effects of having to borrow after the major recession. We still are borrowing – more heavily than ever despite ten years of austerity. The only time the country has been in the black in recent years was under Labour.
      Yes – I’ve heard the capitalist justification for taking from the poor to give to the rich. All the ships rise. Except they never do, do they? The wealthy pocket the cash, take it abroad, put in tax havens and screw us.

      1. No not true. In the last fifty years we have been in the black for just 8 years. 4 under Labour and 4 under Conservative.
        We already covered this on another post topic a couple of weeks ago. Seems that too has frittered from your mind into dust, like almost everything else.
        You never learn, do you?

      2. Because it doesn’t happen very often Opher. You must understand that.
        OK, I’ll put it another way for you. The last time Labour achieved an in the black was many years ago. Do some research. It’s free.

  3. Yes, I would imagine an annual £50 Billion automatic shortfall into our economy is going to make some amount of differences. Quite dramatic ones.
    Never ever again should the Labour Party ever be given governmental responsibility.
    They have already smashed them in Scotland (an unbelievable situation and unimaginable not so many years ago) and we have seen a huge turnaround in public approval in England, where many long standing Labour seats were lost.

    I read some rubbish in my time, quote- ” It is never quite clear how Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam were really ever a real threat.” ???. Perhaps the threat of the spread communism was one reason – which proved to be the case in Vietnam. Perhaps the threat of the use of heavy weapons on neighbouring countries and upsetting middle-east protocol as in Iraq and the growth of Taliban extremism in Afghanistan.
    Quite what wasn’t clear to you is a mystery.
    Since when was South Korea a threat to the west? What the fu** are you on about?

    Your whole tirade of conjecture here is straight out of the mouth of that Owen Jones knobend. He, the homuncular, immature and whiny exaggerating gob-shite, false-flag waving, virtue signalling pseudo victim, and snowflake leftist, champagne socialist Soyboy shill. He’s a complete example of the word salad spokesperson with acute cognitive dissonance. And you bought into it! Lol. You’re nothing but a bloody leftist slave.

    1. Oh I see? You think that other people shouldn’t be allowed to decide what political system they wish to live under. That’s too much of a threat. Bomb ’em.
      I think a lot of things aren’t clear to you at all. You’ve bought into right-wing propaganda hook, line and sinker.

  4. My dad was a tax inspector and for him paying tax was a moral thing to do. He believed it was an honour to contribute to the welfare of others less fortunate. Not all taxes go to worthwhile causes, of course, but the principle of redistribution holds and such societies are stronger for it.

    1. I agree with that Dave. I have no objection to paying taxes. It is supporting the things that make our society worthwhile and strong. It infuriates me the way the rich are allowed to use loopholes to avoid paying tax. They should be ashamed.

      1. You couldn’t object Opher, as you had absolutely no choice in the matter.
        Not only did you not earn enough, you were subject to PAYE at source and it was done on your behalf by your employer.
        Some rich people use loopholes to avoid paying some tax. That’s really what you should have said.
        I thought that was much the same as all the Labour MP’s cheating on their expenses?

      2. So Peter why do all the wealthy have a choice? Why do they get away with paying less tax than me?
        It is obscene.
        ‘all the Labour MP’s’ – really?? All the Labour MP’s???? None of the Tory and Lib-Dems??
        Yes. That is scandalous too! They should be locked up!

    2. We all pay taxes Dave.
      It’s heartening to know what your father thought others should do with their gains.
      Such wise words from a pencil pushing civil servant devoid of ever getting his hands dirty, taking risks, and working his ass off.
      My brother has a haulage company and receives a tax bill before he’s even boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. You don’t want to hear what he thinks of tax inspectors.

      1. I wish we all did pay taxes Peter. If the rich paid their proper share it is quite likely that all of the rest of us, including your brother, would not have to pay as much.
        I think you and your brother all benefit from the systems that have been put in place with taxes – the infrastructure, defence, policing, health, education, libraries, youth clubs, public amenities – or would you prefer that they were all privatised and run just for the rich?
        How dirty do you get your hands?
        People who work to provide services for the good of society are worthy of respect in my book. People who don’t wish to contribute disgust me.

      2. Opher, I’m afraid the reality is this. For very one non-working person, be it the general unemployed, the unemployable, the 80% of immigrants sitting in hostels and B&B’s twiddling their thumbs, smoking our money, then it needs 12 of us working to pay for them.The more that arrive into UK and who don’t work the worse the stats get.
        The EU is fucking us over big time.
        Yet you want to remain in the EU? An organisation that has not only betrothed to but are pushing in the immigration policy that potentially could see another 56 million – yes, fifty-six, all traipsing inro Europe from Africa.
        Have you seen our government produced forms that are issued that tell these people what exactly they can expect to receive upon arrival?
        I can provide you with full details if need be.

      3. Peter – where on earth did you dig up stats like that? Is that because so many of the rich don’t pay any taxes on their millions?
        No. I think you have to ask yourself why Britain did not invoke the clause that enables us to deport non-working immigrants after 3 months. The Tories have had 10 years to do it..
        The truth of the matter is that immigrants have contributed greatly to the economy and put in much more than they take out. You’re peddling a lie.
        I’m not suggesting that mass immigration is good. It isn’t. It has caused many problems. But it is not because of the economy. It is because of the social aspects.
        In terms of immigration the Tories have merely transferred the emphasis. They are bringing in far more from outside the EU now (that they have full control over). They’re not about to stop immigration. It benefits the capitalists too much.

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