The Voyage Part 22 – Cape Verde – Santiago – A volcanic jewel

A beautiful island.

Opher's World


By the time we reached Cape Verde we were becoming quite blasé about sneaking up on places in the early hours of the morning. It was still great seeing the place appear on the horizon and then gradually loom closer. Santiago was different to Sao Vicente. I could make that out already. There was the same volcanic rock with its red hue but there was a softer feel to it and as Praia came more into view I could see that it was bigger and appeared more affluent than Mindelo had been.


We disembarked and walked through the city centre. It had the same bright colours we had become accustomed to but it looked better maintained than Mindelo. I got severely shouted at and was threatened for daring to try to take a photograph of the American Embassy building. Bit touchy these Americans! There was a pretty town square surrounded by…

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