Ripples – a poem


The ripples we create
Streaming through the psychic breeze,
Caressing minds,
Like the wind through the trees,
Nudging pathways,
Changing how we think.

Like fish swimming in a mental sea
Drinking in,
Feeling the warmth of emotions;
Sharing visions.
Living in a mental soup
Of thoughts and dreams,
Bathing us in feelings.

So we may all grow.

Actions sending forth
Streams of power,
Streams of warmth,
Streams of love,
Or streams of hate.

Ripples rising
In the cosmic consciousness,
Changing moods,
Changing the future.

Eddies in time,
Ripples circling in rings.
Each eternal;
Each expanding,
Building into psychic waves,
Sipping at the shores of others,
Seeping into minds.

We all create the psychic flux;
The media in which we exist –
The zeitgeist.
We all contribute.
It is incumbent on us
To make it positive.

Ripples, eddies, waves and currents,
Cosmic forces, psychic reverberations
In eternal conflict.
Good and bad,
Ying and yang,
In eternal conflict.

The deeds we do,
For better, for worse,
Change the world,
Act by act,
Ripple by ripple,
Dream by dream,
Karma by karma.

The good we do,
Can become greater,
And build into psychic tsunamis.
For if we come together,
We can create such a positive force
It could swamp the world
For good.

Opher 9.1.2019

I believe there is a universal mood, a zeitgeist that is a result of the mental emanations of us all.
I believe that science will one day prove this interconnection. There is a psychology at work. We communicate.
At any one point in time there is a balance between that who emanate the hate, and those who emanate the love; those who are for compassion and those for greed.
It is the eternal battle.
We can contribute; we can alter it and our deeds and thoughts are the ripples that radiate out to touch the shores of others.
We all make the world the way it is.

29 thoughts on “Ripples – a poem

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    Tis good to see you took-up your own challenge and a penned a poetic ripple. I like the way it almost repeats itself like a recurring event as might a disturbance moving through a medium. Some poignant words and thoughts: buoyant, reassuring, encouraging.

    Ripple on Opher, ripple on 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


      1. Namaste Opher 🙂

        Excellent, keep rippling! I feel those rippled ripples rippling through time and space undulating, popping and purling.

        Where are the negative ripples rippling from? What have you done now?? lol 😀

        Namaste 🙂


      2. When I mention Scotland, the evil Tories or Brexit I receive a shoal of troll! They come in packs! Pseudonyms at the ready! But I have a magic wand!

      3. Oh for a Labour government. Somehow we have to get a government that governs for everyone! This Tory rabble are governing for the top 10% and screwing the rest of us. Somehow with Brexit we have to find a compromise that everyone can live with. We can’t have half of the country disenfranchised.

      4. Namaste Opher 🙂

        Like all governance of the people, proof of the pudding is in the eating, but one is encourage by statements such as those heading the Skwarkbox article, ‘The real solution is to transform Britain to work in the interests of the vast majority, by challenging the entrenched power of a privileged elite. That is how we can help to heal the referendum’s deep divisions.” (JC 10/01/2019)

        With new leadership comes new opportunity and new possibilities. There is much work to be done and it will take creative thought, hard work and endeavour, but if the larger majority are behind the government instead of at war with them, the transition, whilst unpleasant or turbulent for some, will be far easier. Only time will tell how effective those new ideas will be and in what way they manifest. All will can realistically do is look forward with hope.

        Namaste 🙂


      5. I live in hope. I believe in fairness and justice and that is something that is pernicious to Tories. They believe in winners and losers.
        If the philosophy is right then the rest follows. I like Corbyn and the philosophy he espouses. I don’t always agree but more often than not. I think the media torrent of abuse against him has been relentless but I’m not surprised. They represent that 10% that he is a threat to.

      6. In the grand scheme of things, what exactly is there to win? We are top of the food chain and have no threats to our survival other than our fellow man. Why do we persist in engaging in war with each other? Why do individuals, the Establishment, believe acquisition of wealth differentiates us? With great wealth comes a greater responsibility to our fellow man for then we have power to change our world for the better not stratify it further.

        The MSM – main stream media – are like the one person in a crowd who owns a loud-hailer. We still think he who shouts loudest should be listened to: why? The misinformation pumped out by MSM has seen the rise of independent journalism – if one is interested in current affairs my advice would be to research widely with a discerning eye before buying from just one channel. We do this when we go shopping but not when we have interest in the events that influence our lives. I don’t understand it at all. Perhaps it is apathy?

        All governance can be questionable: it is not a science but it can be tailored to suit the vast majority: perhaps we cannot ever ask for more than that; the world must keep turning somehow but as you say not just for the 10%, but for all people equally.

        Exciting times lie ahead in the political arena. I hope the outcome will benefit everyone…one small step towards a unified world.

        I’m off to do some work of my own, so will catch ya later alligator 🙂 Keep it real dude 😉

        Namaste 🙂


      7. We have friends coming round for lunch in a minute. We may well have a glass or two! I am sure we will have got the whole world sorted by late afternoon!
        Be hopeful!! All the solutions will soon be forthcoming!
        Good luck with the muse!

      8. Opher – The troll comment grabbed my attention.
        Where? You get one, two or three visitors per page. You could only wish that you did have trolls. If you really had you’d have to close down. I both contribute to and moderate on a number of online sites, from serious science stuff to trivial pop music, to include a control moderator role for specific scientific fields entries on Wikipedia.
        The reason I ask is because I am a member of an internet clean-up body who strive to keep free speech alive and well despite ever increasing restrictions being imposed by Google, YouTube and Twitter. We have no political affiliation and very much against the neo-extreme left wing who now have control over most of on-line media to include Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.
        Were you to take greater steps to secure accuracy content within your posts then you probably would not receive any such a level of corrective contribution of which I have noticed. I would include myself within that body of those making correctional contribution.
        For example:
        Your research content within your post on being British or European and the history of immigration was, frankly, dreadful. Yet you argue with such arrogant pretension and braggagio despite your basic facts being wrong.
        I read your post on the Brexit march in December, where you had taken ownership of Owen Jones’ reported account. You met objections for obvious reasons and even argued with persons who had actually witnessed the march. Subsequently, even the Metropolitan police have since rubbished Jones’ fraudulent report and he has since gone under the radar with his credibility forever more exterminated. It is also evident that you did not have the decency to go back and offer your apology to these people.
        Good manners go a long way on the internet.

        I’m all for free speech, but I can’t be the only one who objects to bad speech.
        Information is king and you seem to have forgotten that golden rule.

      9. Peter – firstly I delete comments that are rude and abusive. I don’t need abusive fools on my blog. I don’t mind conflicting views. I do mind personal abuse.
        Secondly I do not agree with your biased views. It is not the extreme left taking over everything. The extreme right are the biggest problem at the moment. You obviously haven’t noticed the fascists marching on our streets and flooding the internet with their propaganda, exaggerations and racist crap. People like Tommy Robinson. As for Owen Jones – I’ve read both his books – great intelligence and insight. The reports I read about the Tommy Robinson pro-Brexit march came from two different sources that backed each other. It was small.
        Thirdly – you obviously did not understand the whole thrust of my article about Britishness. You chose to pick on a detail about when the Celts settled in Britain and blow that up into something more than it deserved. It was of no real consequence to the article but you chose to focus on that in order to detract from the thrust of the article. Sad.
        Fourthly – when are you going to contribute something positive?

  2. Opher: It’s your blog! I can only contribute as per whatever your posts are about.

    You make claim that you delete comments that are rude and abusive.
    I think we all know that is only partly true. You do not like, I’d go as far as to say that you are extremely contemptuous towards any contributory posts that make correction of your woefully ill-prepared and ill-informed content and desperately attempt to cover up these deficits. You seem to be extremely unwilling to accept that you’d made a pig’s ear of it. To my mind, you appear to do this all too frequently.
    I know for a fact that you have removed posts in an act of being in the huff. You are seen to behave childishly. Nobody else can make you do that and it’s all of your own doing.

    However, if you promote false information due to obvious negligence of understanding and education deficit, then I may be prompted to offer correction.
    I don’t think such a basic correction of a detail from 2,400 BC to 4,000 BC was entirely irrelevant.
    I don’t think making correction of your statement that people’s were nomadic when we know they had settlements with governed farming techniques employed was irrelevant.
    I don’t think making correction of your grossly exaggerated claims of Britain’s welcoming attitude towards immigration of a variety of peoples.

    That’s a very basic premise and you should not be entirely surprised by that. Or do you expect your commentary to be regarded with unthinking reverence and as gospel? By all means your sentiments are credible, but your lack of basic factual knowledge is lamentable and that’s why you will receive contribution that you consider to be negative. Perhaps you became far too accustomed to dealing with unquestioningly naive children. I’m afraid the internet has an entirely different demographic audience.

    I would suggest that you are completely out of touch with the explosion of leftist ingress into mainstream media. It took the BBC just 17 minutes into the new year before they promoted for the thousandth time their favourite introductory expression term: “In spite of Brexit …”. It’s a cartoon.
    Were you to do what I and many others do then you would know a great deal more.
    Your naivety as expressed above on this issue speaks a thousands words. I can shorten that down to this – you are blind and deaf.
    Leftist ingress is paramount.
    You make claim of a few – what you perceive to be as fascists – are marching, yet you ignore the far-left fascists who march shouting “Nazi” at anybody else. Your double standards of hypocrisy are disgraceful and uneducated. They demonstrate a very low level IQ and thinking in terms of the populist lowest common denominator.
    Sort that out, if not for yourself, then any other sorry soul that has to read your crap.

    Your comment about the pro-Brexit march is laughable. You obviously missed the recent statement made by the Metropolitan Police, who confirmed attendance level at approximately 10,000 persons. And you want to sit there telling me about your two shitty reports you’d read back in December?
    What does that make you to be?

    Furthermore, for anyone to be reading anything in book format by Owen Jones strikes as desperation. I can’t fathom what that attraction would be. The words of some motor-mouth, dangerously extreme-leftist would not appeal. His personality traits would certainly not. I can only imagine what acts of depraved atrocity pass through his mind. No thank you.

    You made some extremely stupid and ill-founded statements about your perception of Britishness. So, I corrected you where appropriate.

    You also made some ill-founded statements on the origins of the English language. So I corrected you on that detail.

    If I were you, I’d desist in writing about anything to do with history. You have simply only advertised the fact that you don’t seem to know very much. You have a very rough general idea but completely lack in any kind of accumulative knowledge.

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