Number 4 on my all-time list of 537 Essential Albums – Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

What an album!

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Well Bob features high on my list with a number of albums. This one was another groundbreaker.

4. Bob Dylan – Bringing it all Back Home

Of the three electric Bob Dylan masterpieces of the sixties this was the first and the best. Any album that features a track of the brilliance of ‘It’s Alright Ma – I’m only bleeding’ has to be in the top ten albums. What is up with songwriters today? Nobody is dealing with social issues even though the world is full of immense problems. The young snarling Dylan went for them head on and wrestled them to submission. This song ‘It’s Alright Ma – I’m only Bleeding’ is a no holds barred poke at the establishment. I love it. Dylan was the hippest thing on the planet with his shades, tight pants, mass of curls, polka-dot shirt and James Dean sneer. This album was a…

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