Fake News and the Deriding of Experts.

We’ve seen it both sides of the pond, with Brexit and Trump. Everything is ‘project fear’ or ‘fake news’.

This deriding of experts and science in favour of superstition and off the cuff stupidity is pathetic. Trump and the Brexiteers sure have started something. Trump’s a fool who ignores all advice from people that know and has encouraged everyone else to jump on the same bandwagon of stupidity. He’s done it for political reasons and is very clever at it. The Brexiteers scream ‘project fear’ every time somebody points out a negative repercussion of leaving the EU.

The reality is that the experts do have a better understanding of what is going on than either the politicians or the public. They have studied things in depth. They do get things wrong but they get things right more often that somebody working on a hunch or a political whim. I’ll put my trust in experts any day over the ignorance of Trump and Johnson. We are being manipulated for political reasons, nothing more. The stupid are just following because they haven’t the sense to see what is really going on.

It has opened up the floodgates for political extremists, religious nutcases and those who wish to deceive to try to fool us.

We don’t have to believe scientists about global warming. There are no negative consequences from leaving the EU. The earth is flat. Jesus is coming back, evolution is bunkum and 9/11 was carried out by the CIA.

The Dark Ages – we’re still in them! And the US is, if it doesn’t wake up soon, heading right down into the darkest depths of mindlessness where intelligence and education count for nothing and the morons hold sway. At least in the UK we’ll just be a lot poorer but we won’t succumb to the creationists – I hope!!

18 thoughts on “Fake News and the Deriding of Experts.

  1. Isn’t that a trifle rich for you to be making such statements of people not knowing what’s going on if some of your posts these last few years are anything to go by. Seems to me that you’ve had a number of people making correction to your lack of knowledge and consideration. I read one post where someone had suggested to stop reading mainstream news and look to the alternatives. And you had actually said you’d known nothing about them and how may you find your way to them. You didn’t actually know about the alternative news because you hadn’t even thought about it. But that’s normal. Most people I know are like that. I was sitting at the table at Xmas and one friend said in all honesty that he believed everything the BBC had to say. He could see no reason to fault it. I was rendered speechless and let it go, it wasn’t the time.
    What a difference a day makes and what an incredible turnaround for you.

    If you only weren’t so mindless on all matters EU. Your local village simpleton could probably tell you why the EU is a disaster.
    As I’ve already attempted with you – go find out just how the EU central economy is manipulated, how it works and why and who gains and who loses – and believe me that will soon wipe that smirk of conceit off your face. Basically Opher, you haven’t got a clue what you are talking about regards the EU. All you’ve seemingly learned is a few MSM home-grown buzz words like “project fear” and “fake news”. It takes a bit more than that to actually form an informed opinion and something tells me that you’re nowhere even close.
    If I were you, I think I’d be pretty much far too embarrassed to appear in print in public displaying such a poultry and wholly inadequate wealth of knowledge on the subject. I’d steer well clear of it and concentrate on pretty photos and such like.

    Contrary to your obvious zero research, perhaps you can back up your irrepressible belief in all these scientists with conclusion as to why no less than 30,000 of them have been discovered to be in receipt of either corporate or governmental sponsorship funding. Did you actually know that and if you did just how easy was it for you to ignore it?
    Did no penny ever drop for you at the point where Global Warming was for some unknown reason re-christened as Climate Change? By…these very same scientists.
    Did it never occur to you that because we spend so much time dropping toxic isotopes into our atmosphere and conducting nuclear explosion tests on our ocean floor’s that maybe these very same scientists might just be trying to cover something up with something else?
    Personally, as with countless millions of others with an awareness on adverse bullshit, we can actually see where Trump is coming from here on a few matters. Even the most basic of scientific knowledge would inform that the Earth has only increased in surface temperature by 0.8 degrees in 160 years. This of course also includes all pro-active surface and under-water volcanic activity.
    It would appear that we have seemingly almost completely forgotten that we here on Earth are living on top of what is basically a volcano covered in crust. Quite what we imagine any Global Warming or Climate Change to be is downright blatant stupidity.
    It’s not so long ago that we (the northern hemisphere) had a mini ice age for several hundred years. That in itself was a delayed reaction from what has since been learned as an Ice Age that should have happened but didn’t. The Earth has continually gone through some quite dramatic changes.
    We know that sea levels used to be considerably higher. I very much doubt that was caused by mankind’s errant behaviour.
    Basically, we know so little that all we can do really is to stop shoving shit into the sea and into the atmosphere. It’s not difficult. It’s bullshit fabrication to say we can’t burn coal. We have constantly burning coal pits, tar pits, peat bogs, volcanic activity going on all over the world on a constant basis. For some reason or other we’re not dead yet.
    Another thing, we have a larger land mass on Earth today than we ever have had. So all this talk of losing a few Polynesian Islands that sit no more than four-foot above sea level is pointless. It’s simply par for course and the process of Earth’s evolution.
    Some idiots talk in terms of Tsunamis are partly to do with man’s activities. How silly.
    If that volcano blasts off over by Tenerife, we’ve all pretty much had it. I don’t think we have any influence. Similarly in Indonesia right now. It’s been a long time coming but not entirely unexpected. It’s what live volcano’s do, blow.

    I see you have a severe problem with your interpretation of the methods employed by the CIA. It wouldn’t make any difference of course for you to know that the people who owned TT1 & TT2 had only re-insured these buildings as recently as three weeks prior. Did the mysterious and sudden collapse seven hours later of TT7, because of fires fuelled by office furnishings – the official reason given – raise no alarm bells for you? And a whole list of other discrepancies.
    You do make me laugh. What’s even funnier is that you actually completely believe the official story and in all honesty consider anything contrary to this official version to be bunkum.

    I’d also take issue with you on the present state of affairs in USA.
    Firstly, it’s economy is doing great. Really great actually. Employment figures are the best they have been in decades. Minority (what used to be considered as such) employment is way up over that of the not too distant past. Industry is getting in gear.
    Trump is doing his utmost to stop this manipulation that you refer to by closing down government for the foreseeable future until these idiots start working in a cohesive rather than divisive manner. Trump is absolutely right to stand his ground here. As every Chief of Police in every single country bordering Mexico will confirm – the onslaught of this continuous exodus travelling north must stop immediately. It’s got completely out of control and only an idiot could ignore it.
    Too many people, yourself included seem to have been completely unaware that Trump had been selected by the US Establishment a long time ago. He didn’t just rock up with his own cash, as rich as he is anyways. Trumps’s there for reasons that you’d never understand. If you don’t understand how the CIA works – which you obviously don’t – then you’ll not get this either.
    People criticise Trump for implementing exclusion of entry policy to USA. When in fact he didn’t implement anything. Obama did that all by himself. In fact, Trump’s list of exclusion countries is two shorter than Obama’s. But of course nobody talks about that because nobody knows about it. They only know what MSM tells them, more accurately, chooses to tell them.

    That’s mindless stupidity to suggest that we will be a lot poorer in UK post EU. We won’t. It’s not possible. Everyone must know by now that the EU imposes a taxation levy of 10% on food and clothing and shoes. The World Trade Market is 8% cheaper immediately. So immediately we will be 8% better served by our money. What part of that is difficult for people to understand? Our UK business development delegates have just spent the last two years implementing trade partnership deals. We have 45 nations in the Commonwealth, all of whom by definition of membership will be trading with us. It’s just plain bloody stupid to suggest otherwise.

    You Opher, I accuse of spreading blatant false news and ill-founded lies to suit some primitive political ideology that you can’t bare to see fail, again. All the lefty-liberal progressives (there’s a misnomer if ever there was one) can do is pick faults, but never (and history proves it’s a never) are they able to implement the solutions.

    Btw – you suffer from some sort of confusion with the genesis of the phrase “Project Fear”. In fact Project Fear was a phrase coined by the extreme left Remainers. It was them that used the term to describe the Brexiteers reasons for leaving. Not as you have as described above where you said the Brexiteers use it to describe all the negative reasons for leaving.
    I thought that would be useful for you for future use and of course, to negate the amount of mis-information that you are seemingly only too willing to let loose with.

    1. Peter (if it is Peter) – funny that you’ve been around so long reading all my previous posts when there’s been no sign of you under this pseudonym.
      It does not take much intelligence to see that we will be making ourselves a hell of a lot poorer. Perhaps you should take a more honest tack and come at it from the POV that you think it will be worth it.
      Of course it won’t be worth it. The EU laws are far better than the ones put together by the Tory cretins in power.
      And Brexit won’t do anything to curb immigration.
      It’s all a dishonest con.
      Likewise with the States – the short-term boost to the economy due to all those tax cuts for the rich is starting to crumble as the long-term effects start coming through. The USA is in a mess. You can only reduce environmental standards so far and only support redundant technologies for so long – then the effects start manifesting. Trump is just praying that it holds up long enough to get him elected again and boost his own wealth.
      Another con-trick from a dishonest huckster.
      Your understanding of science is obviously severely limited. We are presently interglacial and prior to the industrial revolution were heading for another ice-age – something we can well do without. The CO2 released actually reversed this. The heating of the planet is well documented. It is not caused by increases in either solar or volcanic activity. It is caused by the greenhouse effect.
      The ideal temperature is where we are. To be colder or warmer is pretty catastrophic for the type of civilisation we have developed. It is in our interest to keep it like this. Small changes in global warmth have major impacts.
      In the past ice-ages and tropical ages were normal and cyclical. They were probably the result of changes in solar output.
      And I accuse you of blatant Brexiteering lies, stupidity and proTrump propaganda.

      1. I read things. I read some posts. I read some posts with headers that got my attention. I don’t generally comment as time does definitely not permit. I’ve a job at uni. We’re on holiday now. Hence, why I have time to comment.

        Sorry, but what have EU laws got to do with Brexit? Or even some of the negotiating reasons for Brexit.
        I’m not too certain that you are in complete possession of the facts of the matter regards EU law and / or the major discrepancies that exist throughout the EU with implementation. Start with Employment Law and see how far you get. Basically, you’re talking a shed load of bollocks here.

        I already told why it will be beneficial to leave. We’re being screwed by 10%. You do understand Arithmetic, I take it? Good. Then it should be a no-brainer for you.
        Brexit will in fact do everything to make sure that immigration operates at a maintenance level. That is, there is a job vacancy. We won’t have 80% of economic migrants/immigrants sitting around in bed and breakfasts terminally unemployed.
        Any improvement on that will be an improvement. On the other hand, if Labour get in and Diane Abbott remains as Home Secretary (she won’t) then we do have a problem.
        She’d invite the entire Caribbean if she could.

        Do you want to actually say anything factual about current affairs in USA, or are you quite contempt with your own microcosm of understanding. The USA economy doesn’t work on any “short term boost”. Ferchrissakes fella, there’s over 300 million people. There’s no short term anything. You got this stupid myopia about tax cuts to the rich.
        So what would you do? Watch them all fuck off to invest in cheap as chips China or do it at home? Only the most imbecilic of fools would allow that to happen. That’s what DID happen. The US watched it’s car trade swan off down the river because of EXACTLY your kind of dumb-arse mentality. You bloody well need rich people to invest – cos remember this and don’t forget it – countries don’t actually have any money themselves – the banks do and rich people most likely to invest do. The most basic of economic rules – and you forgot all about it. For fuck sakes!

        OK, so you never bought a baloney science detection kit.
        I’m not even going to swallow your science crap. You stick to biology and cutting up little frogs and nurturing bacteria in petri dishes. Are you seriously going to sit there telling me that the Earth’s environmental conditions circumnavigate around a descriptor such as “Interglacial”? Are you seriously trying to fob me off with that like your seven years old? Fuck Me! You are as thick as two short planks, matey. Seriously retarded.

        Your knowledge is a little basic. I’m not inclined to cause insult, but basic it is. But you have enough aggressive attitude to negate your inherent stupidity to recite the most junior level understanding.
        Yet so the Biologist – hmrm, excuse me, wants to (needs to) match wits with my scientific acumen in the study field of Quantum Physics? And you want to start to lecture me on, let me quote you on this as you were succinctly accurate – quote – “In the past ice-ages and tropical ages were normal and cyclical. They were probably the result of changes in solar output.”
        Eh… OK then. If you say so. So that’s 1. Normal. 2. Cyclical. 3. Probably. 4. Changes in solar output. Really? Is that it? Including the “probably” is that all you could muster?
        You don’t mind if I stop you right there and draw a red pen through that lot of it. Get to the back of the class, you bloody dunce-head. I’ve no idea where to even begin with you.
        Oh, and one last thing. The Industrial Revolution had absolutely nothing to do with the halt reversal of frozen winter temperatures in the northern hemisphere several centuries ago. That minor colder cycle did however last for around four hundred years with the Industrial Revolution taking place about mid-term.
        We still haven’t concluded what actually caused that. It’s still only guess work.
        I wouldn’t even hazard a guess and my field of science is a great deal closer to answering that equation than your’s ever was.
        But this much I do know.
        The concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in atmospheric samples have been measured continuously since the late 1950s. Since then, carbon dioxide concentrations have increased steadily from about 315 parts per million (ppm, or molecules of carbon dioxide per million molecules of dry air) in the late 1950s to about 385 ppm now, with small spatial variations away from major sources of emissions. For the more distant past, we can measure atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases in bubbles of ancient air preserved in ice (e.g., in Greenland and Antarctica). Ice core records currently go back 650,000 years; over this period we know that carbon dioxide concentrations have never been higher than they are now. Before the industrial revolution, they were about 280 ppm, and they have varied naturally between about 180 ppm during ice ages and 300 ppm during warm periods Concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide have likewise increased since the industrial revolution and, for methane, are higher now than they have been in the 650,000 years before the industrial revolution.
        Basically, if we lose some people, a lot of cattle and grow some more trees, we’ll come out of it alright. Agenda 21 has been implemented for very good reason.

        Anybody with half a brain will see from what I’ve explained above will know that I have no agenda with Brexit, the EU or Trump. I simply dislike stupidity as manifested by political scape-goated fools such as yourself. You have nothing to gain by not thinking. You have everything to lose by believing what they want you to believe.

      2. Funny how I get this little gaggle of cloned trolls all regurgitating exactly the same crap and popping up at the same time under different monikers.
        Weird huh?
        Fuck Me! You are as thick as two short planks, matey. Seriously retarded.
        You just come up with exactly what I have been saying. And proceed to tell me the obvious!
        I’m afraid you are beyond hope – far too uncouth and gullible to bother with. I suggest you find someone else to pester and be rude too – someone on your intelligence level and level of society – try the trailer parks.

  2. I forgot to ask.
    Whatever happened to the plane engines that apparently hammered into the walls of the Pentagon?
    Why had the news reel footage been computer manipulated?

    Whatever happened to any of the bits of broken plane that apparently crashed in the netherlands of Philadelphia?
    Why were we only shown a long divot that looked as if something had scraped across it?

    And you can’t see why people don’t buy into the official 7/11 story?
    That’s incredible.

      1. So there you go. Just as I told you. Not a bloody clue, have you?
        You’re just a big bubble of hot air of nothingness, like Humpty Dumpty waking up from a coma.
        These were actually four very serious questions. But they were beyond your remit.
        All you can do is act out your nine years old self with the earth is flat stupidity. I’m sort of lost for words. I have sympathy for you, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be quite so dense.
        Have you always been a moron?

        What really concerns me even more than before is the thought that you had something to do with children’s education. Thankfully it was only at that level. You wouldn’t last a morning at university. Some students would be more than capable of laughing you from the lecture room, then the building and right out to the car park.
        They’d wave you off.

      2. Talking about nine year olds – that seems to be the level of those that swallow all these conspiracy theories. Sorry. I don’t fall for that crap.
        I know the flags on the moon were waving and the CIA shot Kennedy too. The Jews run the world and the KKK are just a bunch of fun-loving guys. Evolution is for monkeys and climate change is a plot by the renewable energy industry. 9/11 was internal planted bombs and the Tories are there for ordinary folk. Lol.
        BTW – I lectured at Uni – didn’t hear anyone laughing.
        Seems that I’ve a lot more clues than you. You’re barking up the wrong tree matey. Amusing as it is it’s a bit sad.
        I suggest that you get off your high horse and start talking to people intelligently instead of all this rather silly arrogance, acting as if you are the big know-it-all and talking down to people. It’s rather childish. If you’ve got an argument come out with it. I really don’t need conspiracy junk from dubious propaganda sites. Yeah – where are the engines???

      3. I think you’re being a bit of an idiot here. Some events and situations are not bogus and very much represent the truth. Not by any means are all conspiracy theory’s just that. It’s not about swallowing them, it’s about understanding the reasons for them existing in the first place. You’ve made the basic chronic error of giving these questions a title of contempt. Only a fool does that.
        I had asked you four very simple questions. Two on the Pentagon plane and two on the Philadelphia plane. You came up with nothing. You couldn’t even attempt an answer and I know why.
        The fact is none of these questions ever crossed your mind. Never before had you considered these questions and the fact that they have arrived in front of you at this juncture has proved more than a little problematic for you. You are squirming about with stupid and completely unrelated commentary about other people who you have encountered in the past. That is completely irrelevant. These questions were forwarded to you now in the present. If you can’t deal with them, so be it. But don’t try and juggle out with silly juvenile bullshit. As I said, I don’t think you are actually nine years old, but your behavioural mentality at this juncture is pretty close to it.
        That said, however, it is lamentable to not even consider the proposition of complexity appertaining to such questions. The process of elimination of reasoning required to arrive at some kind of reasonable answer is something else. It just doesn’t square up. Either these planes never did actually crash and were simply a ruse bogus story to curry up the events or the entire package of reporting, live footage and “rescue” were performed at such a level of ineptitude as to be considered a complete comedy of errors. I don’t know. But I do know it didn’t add up.
        Of course, we don’t need to know that this all happened the day after the worst ever financial results in the US stock exchange since 1929. For some reason or other that little matter was never press worthy.

        1. Yes, it was a CIA agent that shot Kennedy. Clint Hill was his name and he was the guy in the follow-up car who’s hand gun went off my accident after the second rifle shot had been fired and his bullet tore the back of Kennedy’s head off.
        2. The Jews hold the vast majority of the world’s money supply so it’s not too difficult to work out from there what they might have control of. Even you might manage that.
        One of the most powerful people in the world today, a man responsible for some of the most radical and comprehensively devastating world political policy making is Jewish. His name is Henry Kissinger and you might have heard of him. He is one of the top people behind The New Agenda for 21st Century America and Agenda 21.
        An extremely dangerous fellow to the rest of us mere mortals.
        You really need to wake up a bit there fella.
        3. Climate change is the no.1 investment plan operating in the world today.
        It’s massive business. I doubt very much that you’d be the type of person to be reading the FT or New Scientist, but I suggest you take a gander at what’s hot property for eager-beaver investors.
        4. Your knowledge of 911 is lamentable. You may or may not know why buildings collapse. I don’t know. Suffice to say something very untoward went down there. Of particular concern was TT7. I see you wish to avoid all comment on that subject.
        That speaks volumes. Doesn’t it?
        Quite why you have bundled these issues together with nonsense such as waving flags on the moon only proves that you don’t actually know the difference between fact and fiction, important and downright silly. Frankly, I haven’t met a single soul for decades who has so much as mentioned the KKK. I think you might be living in the past a little, say 1966.
        Funnily enough, the Tories seem to be holding a great number of parliamentary seats that represent ordinary folk. Apparently they won them in an election after Labour lost them for doing such an appalling job with the country’s economy. That tends to be the reward for piss poor performance.

        Having read your biog, I can automatically ascertain that you are nowhere near qualified to be teaching at any university. You held a general teaching certificate that enables you to teach at a secondary school. There ends, so please do not bullshit me with bragging about qualifications that you simply do not possess, did not possess and very much unlikely ever will possess.

        If only you’d learned how to use new information as a talking point.
        How did you ever learn anything?

  3. On this Brexit issue. I did read your post on Dec 10th, titled “ProBrexit demonstration dwarfed by counter demonstration!!”. This did raise a chuckle or two. Just how wrong can one man be? Just how much of an intellectual beating from other somewhat better informed persons can one man take?
    You took a savage beating there with that one. Did you recover? Would it be possible to recover from that?
    Makes for magnificent reading, that I must say.
    I’m hoping that if I root around some more I might find more of that kind of thing.
    Any helpful pointers?

    1. Peter – strange that you should take the same perspective as the other people who popped up. They were wrong too. Are they cloning you? Or is it just a rich seam of right-wingers that all simultaneously stumbled on my blog with exactly the same backgrounds, syntax and delusions? Lol.
      You don’t get savage beatings for telling the truth.
      BTW – I still haven’t had any of your recommendations for decent wine at affordable prices.

      1. They weren’t wrong. They were bang on dead right. There’s lots of such people. In fact, you will find that they are the majority.
        Are you going to tell me that you think people who support the proposition of Brexit, are “righy-wingers”. Seriously, is that how you think? That’s appallingly backward and at best conveys an intelligence factor of about 4 points. I’d sort that out if I were you and asap.
        Ask yourself this – what happened to Owen Jones? Why has he fallen off the public radar these last few weeks? Owen got caught red handed taking a dump in public and he’s roundly chastised for that. Rightly so too, silly little pillock that he is. He’s some mid-30’s noncey-boy, flouncing around all these nasty shouty people. No wonder he lives in a fantasy world. The real deal is just too awful for him.
        Did you see the recent film where he had no less than 5 active duty London police officers devoting their undivided attention towards a protesting individual who’d called him a few choice names? Who said there’s a shortage of police in London?
        He can give it, but he sure can’t take it.
        Once a nonce, always a nonce, I say.

        Look, let me put it this way. Why don’t you go back and read your very own words on the subject of wine. You basically said that all wines are “generic” (well done for such specific scientific definition), so basically the same. That’s true if one was only trying to prove that most wines are supplied in a liquid form. However, not true at all when it comes to body, density, flavour, aroma, taste and other such subtleties that can only be garnered from not buying the cheap as shit £4.99 bottle from Tesco. Which is about where I suspect your level to be at, judging by your attitude as conveyed on that previous post that I have suggested you return to. Suffice to say, any further attempts on my part at this juncture to educate you on the world of wines would be like shoving a sausage up the Mersey tunnel as substitute for sex. My advice to you would be – drink French, spend more, check out the vintage charts, serve at the correct temperature – which nobody understands. Your red wine at Xmas tasted crap because it was too cold, right? I know only too well as that’s how it was served to me until I had to show these clowns what the hell to do.
        Golden rule #1. It’s always better to have one good bottle, than two rotten bottles.
        Cheap wine is cheap for one very good reason = it’s total shit. Remember that and you can’t go wrong.

    2. Peter – the wine club I belong to features bottles that range between £15 and £25. Some are good, some are no better than supermarket plonk.
      As I have repeatedly asked – which specific wine would you recommend?

      1. Wine club? That’s lesson #1 in how to piss your money down the sink. The last thing you’ll ever get out that fancy parcel is a decent bottle of wine at value for money.
        Wine clubs are for these sort of people who subscribed to Reader’s Digest for their LP’s in the 1970s. Lol. Please don’t tell me anymore. Hey, Connie Francis and a nice little Chianti anyone? It’s like something out of that Mike Leigh play, “Abigail’s Party”.
        Wine club! FFS!

        How can I possibly answer that when you haven’t given me a morsel of detail about your budget?
        Do you drink both white and red or what?
        Which alcoholic volume content do you prefer if any? It ranges from 12.5% – 13.5% to 14.5%. The 14.5% range tend to be vintage Clarets. That’s the world I inhabit.

        Your wine club thing completely obscures the real cost of a decent bottle of wine.
        For £25 you should be able to buy something quite decent. Your wine club’s sending you £12.99’s worth.

      2. Well I have had a few good and reasonably priced wines from my club – not a readers digest. But I’m obviously interested in getting something better. The 13.5 – 14.5 range of red is my preferred option. £25 is my limit. How about a few specific names and locations?

  4. The thing is, wine clubs job lot buy-in from one producers entire bottling production and sell on to you. Nothing they’ve ever sent you will be more than a couple of years old and they’re far more interested in volume supply than the actual great quality of the wines themselves. That’s what comes with paying before receiving. Somebody is going to lose out. You, the buyer.

    If you want good quality consistent wine that is drinkable as opposed to that new world wine that club’s been fobbing you off with – that Australian and South African garbage, especially that horrible Shiraz gunk, think = France. Bordeaux. Clarets.
    There’s hundreds of names. Get a vintage guide and start from there. The Clarets I buy are costing a lot more than your budget, but I bought my stock many years ago for lying down time. But you’ll get great wines at £25 a bottle.

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